Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???

Anyone own these ?

I realize the company is now Defunct

and was Colorado based. 

At 200 lbs each and 6 feet tall they

will not be missed in a room.

But they actually weigh the same as 

my last speakers but with only one third  the footprint.

Okay the little woman may see it as a lateral

move but...


JSS- I was trying to mirror your prior response. Not really serious.

I saw that review earlier today. Is/was Robert Deutsch a reviewer

most considered as good at his work?


my first answer of ’yes’ was terse, but it was serious actually... as my (and others') subsequent answers illustrated

I wouldn't wait for a pair of IV-As to show up.  They were tweaked from the IVs to add a little more bass extension, bit I don't think it's necessary.  If you want more bass extension, wait for a pair of SC-Vs.

The Duntech equivalent of the SC-IVs is the Crown Prince/Princess, which I owned for many years.  As pointed out above, John Dunlavy designed the Duntech line (I think they now call it the Classic line) as well as his own company, which he formed after leaving Duntech.  My dealer in NJ was friends with John and one of the first dealers to carry the line, so I heard all of their speakers for many years.  My brother came to visit and wound up buying a pair of the SC-Is which he still uses today.

Your 14x15 room might just be big enough, but I'd want to make sure I could sit 10 feet away, as I mentioned above.  The Dunlavys are sealed box speakers, so they can actually be placed a little closer to the back wall than some other designs, though you might lose some soundstage depth.  You can toe them in quite a bit, if you need to put them on a long wall (as Dunlavy always suggested). 

As for Robert Deutsch, he is good at his work.

Could email these guys with any specific questions on them. https://www.thehifipodcast.net/
They seem to know their stuff, each own the Dunlavy’s (one a III and one a IV I think) and they’re over the moon on them. I believe they’ve talked about replacing tweeters on one or more of the podcasts. Good luck. 

I've listened to the Duntech Sovereign quite a few times in a mastering studio with the finest original recordings.  Extremely detailed, which is why they are being used for mastering.

Dunlavy may be out of business but Duntech is not, so if you have the ching you can purchase these brand new.


If the link does not work (got a weird warning from A'gon) then just Google Duntech Sovereign, they are in Australia.