Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???

Anyone own these ?

I realize the company is now Defunct

and was Colorado based. 

At 200 lbs each and 6 feet tall they

will not be missed in a room.

But they actually weigh the same as 

my last speakers but with only one third  the footprint.

Okay the little woman may see it as a lateral

move but...


not sure if you’re serious or just being funny

this is an accurate write up, based on what i recall of the sc4’s, which a dear friend of mine had, driven by big bad arc monoblocks way back then, wonderful transparency and powerful sound, helluva system


Excellent speakers, a classic design.  Amazing imaging, maybe not as transparent as the best in that area, but well-balanced tonally and excellent dynamics.  You need a large room for them to sound their best and should sit at least 10 feet from them for the drivers to integrate.  They like power, and sound really good with tubes (I have heard them with ARC, VAC and VTL), though fine with solid state as well.  If I had a room large enough for them, I would strongly consider them, even though they're no longer in production.

I think they sound great. A friend owned them and I have heard them many times.

However, I thought you were buying Wilson Benesch Curve speakers.

"Heard something really quite extraordinary. Now I gotta have it!!!"

How did the Fritz speakers you bought work out?