Dunlavy SC IIs

I'm considering an upgrade from Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods, and the Dunlavys were suggested to me as an alternative with the greater resolving power that I seek. Currently using Linn monoblocks biwired to the Kestrels with Tara Master Gen2. What is the experience out there with the SC IIs specifically? My budget is about 2.5K. Thanks, John
John, you can stay within your budget and purchase Dunlavy SC-III's used. Three way, five driver. I also use a subwoofer with them (although not required) and the results are outstanding. Far superior to anything I have heard in the $10K - 15K range.
From various reviews, I'd agree with the advice to try to go for the III's used if at all possible. There's a review of the II's in a recent The Absolute Sound.
I started with the Dunlavy III's. The advice above is right on, if you like the Dunlavy sound and the II's impressed you you'll be in heaven with the III's. P.S. welcome to Dunlavy!
Why all the advice to buy SC-III's when SC-IV's can be bought used within the $2500 budget if he shops well?
Thanks for the input and the optimism! You guys think BIG! I've yet to listen to the Dunlavys (no local dealer), but still suspect that the IIs would be the logical choice given the size of my room. With that in mind, what are the recommended parameters for set-up? (short vs. long wall, distance from wall, toe-in, etc.) Thanks!
Go with t he IIIs. the foot print isn't all that large and you'll get used to the height. Dunlavy;s tend to be able to be placed close to the wall but they really need a long wall placement with 3 to 4 ft to the side walls if possible and about 10 ft between the speakers to sound their best.
What is the size of your room? I have two pairs of SC-IV's; one in my Living room (25x15) with the speakers set at six feet from the side wall and three feet from the back wall, the other pair are in use in the theater (26x17) with the speakers set at three feet from the side wall and two feet in front of the back wall. I am awaiting delivery of SC-IAV's for the side/back channel. The IV's are big and it is a consideration. As to the price, I paid $3000 for a pair of IV's in Teak finish in 9+ condition and $1950 for a pair of IV's in Black Oak finish in 7 condition. So, how big's the room?
25 X 15. OK, ok, I'll consider the IIIs (at the risk of potential eviction!) IF I come across a pair for 2.5K. Hey, wait, I still have to LISTEN to the speakers (!). All indications are that they are right "up my alley." (along the LONG wall, of course ;-) . Looks like the closest to me (Indianapolis) is Chi-town. Thanks again for the input. -John
Musikdok, I second (actually, more about seventh) the recommendation for the SC IIIs; the extra bass they provide ameliorates the complaint some people have about a lightweight tonal balance on the IIs. I'd be careful about IVs, though--although I like them better, when you start getting into the lower hertz that they can give you, you start running into room problems trying to control that bass. The IIIs offer a good compromise, and as one poster mentioned, you could use a subwoofer down the road if funds and room allow. Good luck!
I support the III or IV suggestion, if you get the IVs (size problem, II and III are manageable) in your price range.I have V's for main and II's foe rear surround, IAV for center. I hooked II's with my amp for well set-up 2 channels. The result was astounding. If you locate the IIs near wall the base could be enhanced. The only different between V and II was about last 30 HZ. Rest spectrum pretty close. Definitely go with Dunlavy. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
I think I can be of some use here. I own the Kestrels as well as SCIVs. I listened to SCIIs originaly which is what got me on the Dunlavy kick. I think you would be very disapointed in the bass that the 2s will give you compared to the Kestrels. I have found with my 4s that the improvments from close placement to the wall is at the expense of the rest of the spectrum. Another thing to consider is that the Dunlavys are very sensitive to placement, and that they are head in a vice type speakers, they are only truly great for one listener in the sweet spot. This is pretty much the oposite of the Kestrels which are very easy to place and can be enjoyed by more than one person at a time. Another thing to consider is that compared to the Kestrels the Dunlavys are more laid back in the highs, which can be further exagerated with a laid back cable such as Master Gen 2. I love what Dunlavy does, you are in for a real treat compared to the Kestrels, I just think that you might be bummed with the bass that you get out of the 2s. Amazing bass for such a small speaker is one of the best things about the Kestrels. I have the 4s and I have moved them all over the place and I long for more bass.