Dunlavy sc-iii rubber surround separated from cone

Hi all,

I recently purchased a pair of dunlavy sc-iii's from here on Audiogon and whether it was an existent condition or my fault, I now notice that the rubber surrounds on two of the mids have separated. One of the mids has about half the rubber separated while the other is just a tiny area. Is this a serious issue or can it be fixed with glue? If this is fixable, can someone recommend a proper glue and how should I go about fixing?

Also, is this issue expected due to the age of these speakers? I'm thoroughly freaking out because of the effort put forth in acquiring these speakers after much research and reading up on the comments posted on here. It could also have been my fault -> I was switching sources from phono to CD and didn't check the volume, which was set up high on phono. Can someone please calm my nerves?

Thanks for any help upfront.
I think it was age related. Gluing the drivers is the best repair method. Some glue on a Q-Tip should work. I am sorry, never having done this I can't tell you the best glue. Also what are the two surfaces? I see you said the surround was rubber. What do you suppose the driver is made of. It's important to pick the correct glue as you wouldn't want to melt the driver. I am sure that someone who has done this will soon offer their opinion. Don't sweat this, I believe it's one of the easiest fixes.
relax this is a common fix ..there r kits for this. Also repair servise for people with a nervous hands. I don't think volume of play had anything to do with the seperation of the surrounds. Just age,movement and shipping can cause this..if your not up to it? look on line there are most likely in your area someone who can offer you the repair.The best and there r worse things to worry about.
Right, it is important to use the proper glue -especially if the cone is "poly", or plastic. You might check madisound or partsexpress if no one can give you a recommendation here.
On some speakers gluing would be an easy fix, but on Dunlavys I recommend professional repair. Contact Bill at Millersound.
Thanks for the information and calming my nerves. I contacted Bill at Millersound as well as a local speaker shop. I'll post the status as things progress.
Ok so the recommendation from Bill was to use 3M weatherstripping glue in black.
Good luck!