Dunlavy SC I'v As

Would like some suggestions on tube amp to buy that would match with these speakers
Is that IV A? I would suggest VAC and VTL, both of which I heard with them and sounded terrific. I would think that ARC amps would also sound very good with them.
The Dunlavy IV A's with an ARC VT-130 was the best sounding system I've ever heard. Front end was a CEC CD spinner mated with a Theta DAC pre/pro and all Dunlavy wire.
Preamp was an ARC LS-2.
This demo session at old Pro Musica store on Golf road (?) in Skokie (Niles?) Illinois.
Sound entities floating in the room like spirits.
Sade's "Stronger than pride" totally mind blowing.
I could not afford at the time.
You need a tube amp which has a fair bit of current delivery. You might consider a hybrid amp (tubes AND transistors) like the Butler TDB-2250 which has a MOSFET output coupled with tubes. Plenty of power AND current from this amp....


PS: I owned a TDB-5150 - a magnificent amp and the 2250 is even better...