Dunlavy resurrection?

I bought the rights etc to Dunlavy when Kenny closed it years ago.  After years of design research have come up with an amazing evolution to the line.  While I love the thought of bringing it back to market, and think there is a need, I'm not sure I "want a job" and don't really need one.  If any one out there with an industry connection that might have interest in discussing moving things forward with my financial backing, send me an email at dunlavyinfo@gmail.com

Vinestreet,  I built a box with a downfiring 
Scanspeak 25w8565-00 to set
my Dunlavy SM-1’s on.
I am using a simple 14.5mH coil for crossover currently-I am surprised how good it sounds.
I am using them as surrounds and Dirac Live mops up what I lack in know how.
I have played with a Zobel to flatten impedance a bit but I honestly did t notice much of a difference....
Any tips?
I'm sure it sounds pretty good.  You are dipping below 3 ohms likely at times below 90hz doing it that way so you should have an amp that is happy with that.  If they are surrounds do you really need the extra bass anyway?
vine, while I've heard different DAL models I don't know as much about them as the Duntechs.  My impression was that John cut some corners in producing his DAL models to keep prices as competitive as possible.  With a casual glance the comparable models between the two companies looked very much alike, but there were important differences.

The two best examples were drivers and cabinet design.  I believe the DAL utilized Vifa and Scanspeak.  Those may be less expensive than the Dynaudio drivers in Duntechs.  And the cabinets for DAL had straight side panels, rather than step back sides for the mids and tweeter (even with heavy felt surrounds, less side reflections).  I don't know about internal bracing in the DALs but my Duntechs had separate compartments for each driver and all were heavily braced.  Each Princess weighed at least 180 pounds.  What does the sibling DAL SC-IV/IVa weigh?

For all that, while I never heard comparable models side by side, I always thought the DAL models sounded very good.  I was just a bit prejudiced that my Duntechs performed a little better. ;^)