Dunlavy resurrection?

I bought the rights etc to Dunlavy when Kenny closed it years ago.  After years of design research have come up with an amazing evolution to the line.  While I love the thought of bringing it back to market, and think there is a need, I'm not sure I "want a job" and don't really need one.  If any one out there with an industry connection that might have interest in discussing moving things forward with my financial backing, send me an email at [email protected]

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You misspelled "Keny".

Why not talk to http://www.tyleracoustics.com/. Mr. Tyler already makes some fine speakers and, obviously, has the infrastructure in place. Seems like a natural fit. Good luck!
I was going to recommend Peter Noerbaek at PBN, but the website is totally unresponsive.  Has something changed?
That's a really tough gig. My hat tip to anyone who can get into speaker making/sales from scratch these days.

You are right thinking about industry connections. Making the speakers is the relatively easy part. The marketing, sales, distribution, etc. is the really tough part.
I'm probably one of the biggest fans ever of the Dunlavy speaker line up. I own almost every model that was produced. I've had to do some maintenance on some of the units, but for the most part they have given me years of nothing but listening pleasure.

Best wishes on getting them back on the market. Would be great to see them back into the high end mainstream.


[email protected]

Thank you 

Just tried the contact pad on the site - goes straight through 


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Contact ESS speakers in El Monte CA.  I have talked with the owner a few times.
What about some sort of DIY Dunlavy options, were you sell the drivers, x overs and plans etc... I have owned Dunalvy,s sc2 and I,m friends with a former dealer and he told me that the big problem with them was shipping those big speakers.  Maybe Madisound would be interested.
If you do resurrect, please please please put a tweeter in them that was actually designed to be used with a first order crossover. I had a pair of scvVI’s , huge monsters that weighed around 500lb each, that blew tweeters like there was no tomorrow. When old John was around, he actually sent me 5 matched pairs. These tweeters were meant to be used with 2nd order crossovers or above, certainly not 1st. They just received far too much upper mid to play at higher levels. Their sound was awesome though, I’d still have them today if their power handling was realistic for their size. I had the same trouble with their centre channel (ccv?), and also scvII’s used as surrounds in a 5.1 av system. Once you cut into all that thick felt covering the tweeter surrounds, I became an expert at tweeter installation, even though the centre channel was 8’ off the ground!
Hi @sedgewick ,
Unfortunately Dunlavy is not the only speaker maker who used 1st order filters and suffered reliability issues as a result. Some more than others.

The issue isn't merely the filter order (1st, 2nd, etc) but also the cutoff frequency. The lower the f the more power / displacement the tweeter will be subjected to.

I think this probably has a lot to do with Gryphon and their choice of using AMT's. The good one's have remarkable power handling and are nearly indestructible. I'm not sure what their filter topology is though, last I read they were using something Duelund had come up with .