Dunlavy repair

I need help with a pairof Dunlavy SCIII speakers. Is there someone out there still repairing these speakers? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Contact Bill Legall at Millersound just outside Philly (215) 412-7700. He can fix ANY speakers and make them better.
Good Luck.
Shumi, You may find the help you need here if you explain the problem. There are plenty of us Dunlavy owners here.
Audio-Video Logic at 3025 100th Street in Urbandale, Iowa, 50322 (515)-727-2279 bought out the remaining parts and stock that Dunlavy had and can repair your Dunlavy's. They have a web site @ audiovideologic.com. Good Luck.
Thanks guys. I have crossed speaker wires on my left speaker by accident (stupid,stupid,stupid!!) and thought I had damaged the speaker. Bottom line is that I needed to change two fuses in my amp not one. Anyway all seems to be ok now. I appreciate the replies.
Thanks again.
Have a look at WWW.loudspeakerrepair.com