Dunlavy question

I was considering a move from the 4a's to the 5's and was wondering If I should expect any big difference aside from better bass extension.
Maybe a bit more "ease" on big orchestral climaxes. Just make sure you have enough of a room to accommodate them and their bigger sound.
A close friend of mine auditioned them side by side at my dealer's store, and bought the V's because he found them to be warmer and fuller sounding.

Both speakers were fully broken in and set up properly (very good dealer).
I own a pair of SC-V's Large speakers! 75 x 28 x 16. 385 lbs each. My room is 15 x 25 x 8 they seem to work well in it, although some care must be taken to treat the side walls for reflections. Im feeding them with Rowland model 9 monos w bps, consevativly rated at 350w into 8ohm...they bench tested at Rowland to more than 550w @8ohm. The dunlavys although 91.5db sensitive really love large amounts of power. Any questions that I can answer for you?
I am the friend to whom Raquel referred. I ran the Dunlavy SC-Vs in my system for three years, and, as Raquel mentioned, I auditioned the SC-Vs alongside the SC-IVa's at a dealer prior to buying the SC-Vs. I wanted to like the SC-IVa's due to their more manageable size. However, I found that, to my ears, the SC-Vs were better by a fairly large margin. The most notable difference was that the midrange in the SC-Vs had more presence. By comparison, the SC-IVa's sounded as if the midrange instruments (horns and the like) were playing from a backstage location. If you have the room for the big dogs, I suspect you will prefer their sound. FYI, I ran my SC-Vs in a medium-sized room (roughly 15 x 20 x 8).
I owned the Dunlay SC-IVs and moved up to the SC-Vs. I'm on my second set of Dunlavy SC-Vs and I agree with Cincy bob. More forward sound stage. Much better on piano and hammond organ.

They are large, but in the righ room are great fun!
I have developed quite a passion for Dunlavy products. After 30+ years persuing this hobby, the Dunlavy speakers finally deliver the goods. I own almost every speaker that was made except the SC-VIs, which I may get around to eventually.The SC-Vs are my favorite, but they MUST be set-up properly and really benefit from a fairly large room preferably with a high ceiling. Bi-wire, Bi-amp, go for the gusto with these speakers and they will always reward you with yet another level of transparency. And, of course, there is no better speaker for articulate bass than these.
I currently own both the SC-IVa's and the SC-V's. Both are very good. The V's are just a little bit better in every respect.

BUT, they are bigger, 300+ lbs, and love power despite their efficiency. If you don't have a large room with 9+ ft ceilings, and some big amps, you might not get what the V's are capable of. Both models can send good in the right room, with a big enough amp.