Dunlavy crossover upgrade? Who is the best to do this?

I have been reading about upgrading the crossovers in my SCIVA,’s and many people are very adamant that you should never touch them because these first order crossovers are perfectly matched to the drivers and enclosure to give you the perfect response to the components. I am sure that is all true but is there anyone out there that I could send these crossovers to that could match them perfectly with like for like (better quality components) and still retain the exact same properties electrically for the original design. I am not very technical on everything that needs to be considered like ESR and other parameters but I am sure the overall impedance has shifted over the years due to degradation of the original components. Obviously I do not have the skills or electrical test equipment to do this. So to the question, is there anyone out there that can do this for me?
not unless they wrote the matching target values on crossover components when they were matched to drivers, which is doubtful....so the rub is eventually the caps are going to fail and you will have to replace....

Tomthiel on this board might be a good guy to take this on...ask him

btw a great speaker, great company, great man.. RIP
Lots of good people can do this. Lots of inexpensive tools will help you measure coils, caps and resistors very accurately, in addition to the drivers themselves.

Look around online, I wouldn't be surprised if you find that someone is selling replacement crossovers already.

 There is only one way to upgrade   old crossover for new one
 use measuring microphone with program like RTA for example
Check all issues with frequency response and redesign new crossover.
If you close to NYC Brooklyn , i can help 
Here’s a review from a member who modified his Dunlavy speakers using expensive Duelund caps and resistors:

they were like Vandersteen hand matched in anechoeic chamber, which not many people have......
your milage may vary
+1, sherod. I was thinking of the same review.