Dunlavy Cantata Feedback Please

Has anyone had an opportunity to hear them? I would be interested in getting your opinion. Thanks for reading this.
I've had them about two months and am very pleased.They produce a very natural and neutral sound. Sound stage is excellent but I don't think I'm getting the most because I hva a small room- about 12x12. Break in takes awhile. I'm using an Aloia amp and pre which contribute greatly to the sweet sound I get. I think they are a good value.
I am going to order a pair soon. I listened to them several times and think they are a great alternative to the larger Dunlavys. As Khaki8 said, they are very neutral with a nice, tight bottem end. I would also agree with the above and make sure you feed them with appropriate amplification (I am using Sim Audio gear).
Outstanding sound! Outstanding value. I already have Dunlavys..the VIs. When I went to visit my dealer in San Antonio a couple of months ago, he had the Cantatas set up. I was amazed. Huge sound and gobs of bass from a speaker you might expect to be twice the size. I was very impressed.
Good luck.
I've had them for about 6 months and I think that they are an overlooked speaker my many. I'm shopping for an amp now to drive them but I also have SM-1 and 2-SC1AVs for a HT set up. Presently using 200wpc Adcom (yuk) with modest results. They need the vol turned up a bit to get the great bass that they are capable of. This was true with a recently auditioned 175wpc Spectral Universal amp as well. The smoothest I've heard so far was (believe it or not) the 5ch 200wpc Meridian. Very smooth, nice bass and good sound stage.
I'm going to settle on a 2ch amp for them and some 3ch amp to fill out the rest. Thinking about Rowland Model 6s.
Hello All,

Thanks for your input. I am trying to decide between the B&W N804's and the Dunlavy Cantata's. I have a Parasound 2ch 205W amp. Any more help would be great.

I auditioned the N804 and Cantata. In the end I felt the Dunlavy's were superior in there accuracy and smooth sound. B&W, to me, is too much of a mass marketed speaker. They come out with a new line, series, model every 6 mos or so it seems. When I shell out my money I know that with B&W a lot of it is going to their marketing budget not product R&D and materials. With Dunlavy I get the feeling that John is "in there" somewhere. His upgrades and new model intros are few and far between and only when they make an improvement to the product.
I'm not familiar with the Parasound amp so I cannot comment. However in my quest for an amp I'm not auditioning a Goldmund Mimesis 28+. This is the sweatest, smoothest sound I've ever heard from the Cantatas. This amp makes you want to turn the volume up because it keeps getting better and better. This may be a winner!
Good luck.
I havn't heard these speakers but was curious about them too. Having been to Dunlavy web site I'll have to pass on them my room is small 12' x 11.5'. From Dunlavy's Cantata specs they recommend a room not smaller than about 12 feet by 18 feet.