dunlavy cable costs

Hello - I have a curious question. I have a pair, approximatley 5m in length, of Dunlavy cables. They have a triangular end at each end which the user then screws various types of attachments into (e.g. blade connector, bare wire connector, bannana plug connector, etc). I am curious as to how much these cost new and what they might be worth now.
Dunlavy speaker cables were reasonably priced when new, maybe $3-400 for a 2-1/2 meter pair (John was quite worked up about cable nonsense, felt that you should measure them at input and output to see what they lost, the less the better). Excellent cable. To find current value either subscribe to the Audiogon Blue Book or else put them up for auction and see what the market will bear.
The Audigon Blue Book does not list cables. I suspect that varying lengths and terminations make cables problematic. Should you put an item up for auction, you will be expected to complete the deal.
Thanks - the guy I got them from thought that they retailed for somewhere between 800 and 1800 (wide range I know). He worked at a stereo place and got them there. I got them with a couple of pairs of Dunlavy speakers and I have longer distances to run than these will permit so I was going to sell them here but sorta wanted to know MSRP first. I've gone through all the dunlavy stuff I can find and googled it to death. I had thought of the auction route since I don't know the value. They are amazingly thick cables (compared to others I've owned) and are labeled "E47891 AWM style 20276 80 degrees 30V vw-a LL33523 c3n AWM 11 A/B 80 degrees FT1"?

I googled "awm style 20276' and got this.


Hope it helps.