Dunlavy 4 or 8 ohms for Audio Research VT-100 amp?

I have Dunlavy III speakers, I want to connect the Dunlavy III speakers an Audio Research VT-100 amp but I don't know whether to connect to the 4 ohms or 8 ohms on the back of the amp?

I don't have the book for the Dunlavy so does anyone know whether I should hook it up to the 4 or the 8 ohms? Does it matter? Thanks for your help everyone!

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Andy, it won't hurt the amp or the speakers hooking your speakers to either the 4 or 8 ohm tap. Try both and listen for which sounds the best. If the speakers are between 4 and 8 across the frequency range, you may not hear an appreciable difference with the VT100.
I could be wrong but I believe the Dunlavy is 6 ohms (nominal). So where does that leave you? I think Zargon has the correct answer.
I recall reading somewhere, probably a thread here, that for Audio Research amps the 4 ohm taps sound the best so use them if they are close to your speakers impedance. Of course you should try both to see which sounds best, but you won't do any damage using either 4 or 8 ohm taps.
Pmotz is correct, use the 4 ohm taps.
This is one of the easiest tweeks to try, and I would encourage others to experiment as well. It costs you nothing, and could make a dramatic difference in the amps ability to deliver power to the speakers, especially in the low end. Remember the "nominal" impedance may be quite a bit higher than the "lowest" impedance, and unless you have a plot from the manufacturer, it is impossible to know what you are dealing with.

It is interesting to know that Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen has recently developed the "Adagio", a speaker which has an almost totally flat 5 ohm impedance from 100 to 10K Hz. This is very rare in the speaker business.