Dune 3D HD Base 24 /192 coaxial output player?

Dear Friends,
Do you think the Dune player can output 24/192 via it's coaxial output do an external dac (digital) or only read 24/192 and outputs via its analog RCAs only? - I have an Hegel H160 Integrated Amplifier (with onboard DAC) which is really fantastic ; It has DLNA and Apple Airplay which i haven't fiddled with but is capable of Delivering 24/192 via what is mentioned, but for now i prefer to use the wired connection via my Dune, the thing is neither the Dune or the Hegel shows the bitrate and i am confused to what i am listening to?

I am currently running the Hegel with Diapason Karis MK3 (Loaner) but must decide on a "Close to wall" speaker preferably Dali Fazon F5 which i haven't heard or may even stick to the Karis if i cannot find suitable close to wall speaker that sounds nice.

what would be a media player which is easy to setup, on the affordable site and supports iPad for GUI,I want to dead-quite background but not too expensive ideally around 800-1000 USD preferably something that runs on battery or has an upgradable external power supply.

I know a company called Digbit makes the Aria Mini (Music Server) but using intel atom processor only and windows i am not so keen...(but since my country has no dealer, i cannot attemp to also)

Thank you all!