Dump run on McIntosh MC402?

How come there are nine MC402 amps for sale right now on this website?
Anyone got a comment on this?
one of their largest sellers in their history....many jump into mono blocks, even though the 402 will skillfully drive any speaker...some just need the bread in hard times...too much mac is never enough.
These amps are going for $4000 or so and you have to admit, however many they sold, nine listings at once is a lot of MC402's. Practically nothing is selling right now over the $2000 mark (maybe even less). Is the high end of the used audio market slumping? Is it easier or harder right now to move on the costlier stuff?
its a buyers market for sure. if you don't have to sell something...don't. its one of mac's best of all time anyway.
A dealer told me McIntosh has a 40% discount to dealers going on right now. It's a curious move because it cuts the resale value right out of 'em and hurts their customers who paid much more. I figure McIntosh/Denon must be hurtin' for cash flow right now. Even though I have an MC402 that I like a lot I have to say it's lowered my opinion of the company a bit. I think they've destroyed their dealer network by doing this and if anybody does any research they should know not to pay more than 35% off msrp for any new McIntosh piece. McIntosh has effectively reduced the value of their product line by 35% nearly overnight.
I disagree...have been thinking about buying one for a month now, and there is a lot of merchandise moving on here...for every new listing there has been one moving too.
In response to Wireless 200's comments. Practically all companies give their dealer a 40% discount. A few are a little less and some have discounts of 50%. It has always been this way, so what is the big fuss. Evidently some people are trying to put McIntosh in a bad light. McIntosh is one of the finest audio companies in the US along with other companies such as Pass Labs, Audio Research, Ayre and a few others. Some people seem to be upset that McIntosh is now foreign-owned, but so is Audio Research and I just read on the internet today that the Chinese are buying the rights to the GMC Hummer.
mac's offered dealer programs since the beginning (to dealers). i somehow think they and their cult will be fine.
I have a 402 and am very happy with it. I had a 352 that i traded in on it and I noticed about 18 months ago there were a bunch of 352's for sale here. Maybe with mcintosh giving dealers a 40% price break they are about to come out with a new amp.
Interesting. I was a little hard on them. Still my local dealer was offering 5% off msrp when I bought mine. Maybe it's more now. I don't go to the local audio shops anymore and haven't for a couple of years. I don't see how they expect to sell anything except to the naive. Going in a local shop, the minute you walk out the door with a new piece you've just done the equivalent of pay retail for a Cadillac and driven it off the lot. In other words you just said goodbye to 35% of what you just paid minutes earlier without the product having seen any wear.
In other words you just said goodbye to 35% of what you just paid minutes earlier without the product having seen any wear.
This is nothing new!

Also, even if manufaturers were to offer larger discounts to dealers right now, some must do whatever it takes to keep the doors open in these times, it beats the alternative.

Look through the archives, there are many, "why are there some many xxxx products listed for sale right now?", posts, most of which are for popular items.
It is a conspiracy. The Trilaterals want to take over the world, and Mac stands in the way.. Beware!!
Brianmgrarcom, you make a good point. There are many of these threads. I think products do show up in greater quantity for various reasons, and actually the number of MC402s is slightly high right now but there's always 3 or 4 for sale. I think for McIntosh this is partly due to how many they sell in the first place.
I continue to wait. When the price hits $3000, I will be in !
Kwpatlaw ..you have long wait
You may be right....... I am however prone to negotiation !! Quite frankly, I am ready to bite the bullet now and make the purchase . I am however still pondering between a c220 and a 2300 preamp. hmmmmm.......
Im a 402 owner..make sure you like what you hear..I strongley suggest giving the Pass X250.0 a listen before you do
Thanks my friend. I am in Richmond Va. I need to find a Pass dealer near me to get a comparison.
I have an MC402 on my main system and an x250 on my bedroom system. They are fairly different. If you want smooth and listenable for long periods the MC402 is what I'd recommend. If you want more dynamics and detail with the little thickness (in a good way) on the detail go Pass.

The Pass puts off a lot of heat compared to the 402. The Pass has the same delicate middle as Ayre. I think if you A-B'ed Mc and Pass you'd immediately know which one you liked better. They are different sounding amps. You wouldn't sit there and think they are all that similar. The 402 has a higher WAF.

Reno hi fi will let you trial a Pass for 30 days with a minimal restocking fee.