Dump Meridian 508.24 for multichannel DVD-A?

What do you all think? I love my Meridian, but I have found myself using it less and less now that my home theater is in full swing. I already own a DVP-9000ES and love the 2-channel SACD feature. Does anyone have experience with multichannel DVD-A or SACD? How are those players with regular CDs? I now watch movies 70% and listen to music 30%.
I've heard (and liked very much your Meridian 508 and have compared it to my reasonably good DVD-A setup ans class A SACD player. In short, they are three totally different experiences. For that reason, I've orderd a new multichannel SACD player to compliment may SCD-1 and DVD-A player. I will probably keep them all as they are so different in personality and capabilities.

To answer one of your questions, your Meridian is far better than any of the SACD or DVD-A players on Red Book, unless you heavily mod the Sony. Others argue that the Sony has good Redbook, but IMHO the better upsampling players (EMC-1, Meridian, Audio Aero, Audio Meca, etc.) are superior on anything digital but well recorded DSD SACD. Also, be aware of the real lack of DVD-A and multichannel SACD software at this time. Even so, I still enjoy DVD-A through a mid fi Pioneer 38A and Marantz 14EX. I do use my tubes to power the front channels and have a Rel and Velodyne to help with the base. Moreover, the "room filling" sound of DVD-A seems to help deminish room problems of my square room with a glass backwall (about as bad as it can get!).

Keep the Meridian (or sell it to me!). If you can sell the Sony (not that there is anything wrong with the 9000 -- it's a good value) you could look at a DVD-A player (they all play DVD movies) also and a mulitchannel SACD player. Again, I would suggest the Pioneer 38-A (great progressive scan for movies and good DVD-A performance) and the new Sony XA777es multichannel SACD player. Above all, go listen before you dismiss your already very good setup. --Lorne
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