dump DACS

Is it time to dump expensive dacs like DCS and put money upgrading other parts e.g. the new tact RCS with passive volume controll.
Or use them together.
In a word, no. I just sold my Tact 2.2X. Why? I compared it to an Accuphase DP75V. The DAC in the Tact is not exactly world class, but achieves a great level of enhanced performance from the RCS and going straight out into your amp. But the Accuphase was able to provide more spacial detail, separation, and better soundstaging than the Tact's DAC with RCS. The Tact is a tremendous value, but it is not exactly user friendly, and has a steep learning curve. Don't even bother unless you are willing to play around with it for several months to achieve the best sound. I enjoyed the flexibility of it, but no longer use a sub, so it's advantages became meaningless to me. If you are using subs, it should at the top of your list. It integrates them perfectly.
I was very unimpressed with the sound of a Tact 2.2 that I heard in a reference system a while ago.

There is really no substitute for a great listening room and a great DAC.

If you're talking about a 2.2, that was Tact's first attempt at an RCS DAC pre, and it's an antiquated model. There is no comparison between the 2.2 and the 2.0 or 2.2X.
Dump it...and buy a very good turntable..