Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?

I am starting the build of a dedicated room, and I am deciding on which seats to use. I am very fond of the Jacobsen egg seat, which is a rather tall one person chair made of fiberglass, with cushioned fabric:


My only concern is that the seat is about the same height as the top of your head when seated, so your ears are "blocked" from the rear reflections/echoes/etc. Has anyone experienced with different seats/couchs and noticed any noticeable difference? Should I only worry about what is coming from the front? Or should I be worried about losing the rear reflections?

These are very comfortable to actually recline on them, and would suit my deco a lot!

Thanks for any input
I'd look into the Steelcase Leap chair.
It's like sitting in a hand, with NO behind head obstruction.

sorry, the base model is about 800$ and is cloth. Leather with 'upgrades' can really put a dent in the party. It is considered an 'office' chair but of the first order. If I had the loot, I'd be sitting in one right now.

And YES, when I sit forward on my sofa, I hear mo/betta. Sitting back, my head is indeed obstructed from the back and partially the sides as well. That's why I typically sit forward for music listening.
I have a Barco Lounger. Only $2k and beautiful leather. Incredibly comfortable.
Macgyver-I don't see what you're responding to. Dumb response to what?
Fjord C arm recliner ... very similar to the Ekornes models ... Google for details
I would be worrying about the reflections of the chairs "wings" first then the lack of the side and back wall reflections for ambience. I think the "wings" are going to make the sound seem to beam from the speakers accentuating the highs and the mids to a lesser degree. Beautiful chair for reading but not for audio!!!
I have an Ekornes Stressless "Savannah" with Tigereye Royalin Leather. The headrest comes to just above my ears producing a slight reflection, I unzip and remove it then my ears are above the chair back which I prefer for listening but not TV!!!
i used to use eames chairs but they are uncomfortable and too expensive.. great to look at tho. now i use ikea chairs. much better value
The seating seems to make a very large difference.

I orignally was using a chair from Plummer's (a cheaper knockoff of the Ekornes style), but I found that some of the internal springs buzzed during loud bass passages. Then I moved to a leather sofa with the back around mid-ear level. I used a thin blanket over the back and found it helped cut out some excessive sibillance. I recently tried a thick comforter, and it helped further. I then moved the sofa off to the side of the room and tried a cloth office chair (the back was well below ear level)--- and WOW! what an improvement on the clarity of the treble! This won't be my long-term chair, but now I am looking for a chair or sofa with a low back, made of cloth with some decent padding. My cable dealer heard the story and thought there had been comb filtering going on.
Ekornes or similar;I have both.
Ikea Poang chair. Very comfortable and supportive. The back is a little higher than my ears. It puts my ear height at about 34".
I bought an Ekornes 20 years ago and it's the only thing in my listening environment that hasn't changed (over, and over, and over again...)
Just "restored" a Selig/Plycraft Eames pirate/knock-off/fake with new high desity foam. Worst thing ever for my rapidly depleting social life.
Another vote for the Ikea Poang. Inexpensive, comfortable, and supportive.
One important sonic factor for when looking for chairs is to ensure your ears will be above the chair back. I found this out when I switched from a leather recliner to the chairs pictured in my system page. A huge sonic improvement.
Ekornes for me- bought it in 1990.
Another vote for the dirt-cheap IKEA chair in the den (bought on a really, really big sale). The height is right, it's reasonably comfortable, and I can easily swing in the monitor & keyboard rig over the chair arm so when I have to do work crud it doesn't have to be an all-work-no-play moment...
Everybody's Butox is different. I'm not tall, and have short legs.
I find I can 'fit' the Steelcase Leap so I could just about live in it.

I'd recommend going to a seating store specialist and doing trial sits in a bunch of chairs.

Here is link to Steelcase main seating page::

Some chairs come in sizes which may help.
My work, for example had the HumanScale 'Freedom' chair. I hated them and couldn't get comfortable, even in the few that were still working properly.
I also tried the Aeron Chair, but found the seat too deep and it caught me right behind the knees. No sale.
All above are 800$ chairs. Before you get nutty with leather and head rests.
10' x 15' sectional. Also doubles nicely a a bed when sessions last a bit too late into the evening...
First of all, thanks mcgiver22 for your input on how to interact with people here...I will NOT take it into consideration.

On the other hand, I find most of you in the same dilemma as I am....a relax situation will definitively find you with your head resting on the chair (this means reflection from the chair itself), the head is the heaviest part of the body so any relaxing moment will mean having it resting on the back of the chair just above the ears. What I like about the egg chair is that I was going to make it with soft fabric, so it would be absorvent (the foam inside the chair works as absorvent material) in comparison to a leather chair. On the other hand, I can make a low couch, but it will not be so nice to relax on and loose into the music.....most of you suggested chairs where your head is resting on the back of it....
A glider rocker with gliding ottoman. I asked this question a long time ago with some humorous responses: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ymisc&1052508456&openmine&zzGabbro&4&5#Gabbro
Lazy Boy Recliner love seat special audiophile model Thomas Moser custom tables.
I use a knoll womb chair with ottoman (you can see pics in my system page). My living room and my listening room are on in the same so style was important. If you're looking at a Jacobson Egg Chair, you are probably somewhat design savvy and even though the Poang may be a comfortable cheap solution, your college furniture days are behind you.

Word of Warning. Do not go with an imitation / knock off. Upholstering an egg chair is almost impossible. The knock offs look great in the web photos because they usually photograph the real thing.
Early 1900's oak Morris chair, recliner, with the same period re-upholstered footstool. The Morris chair cushions have the original leather and excelsior. My wife doesn't like to sit in it...thinks it's too hard...wry smile on my face....
got the idea from mikelavigne, who'se rig is no compromises.

add a Zero Gravity chair. high back is not cupped, and i'm not noticing any adverse impacts from leather above ear height. reclinable so can adjust listening height easily.

and the most comfortable thing i've ever sat it. switching CDs after an hour is too soon. highly recommended.
I use the "Cuddle Lounge" from Dania. Perfect height and comfort, adds a bit of room treatment to boot. Sooo comfortable, especially with my wife!
Zero Gravity Perfect Chair from Relax the back store - I love it

I have a nice soft recliner that I can easily fall asleep in. It's soft fabric, so I don't know how that affects the sound. Is well padded, but I can definitively say that when I recline, the sound is much different than when upright. Seems intuitively that in a relatively empty room, the material used to make the chair would have some effect on sound reflection/absorption.
Anyone know of a Corb LC2 knockoff (the chair in the Maxell 'Blown Away' ads). Looks like it would be the perfect chair but not about to spend $1200 on one!