dumb question re: headphone amps


So, if you want to listen vinyl through headphones and a dedicated headphone amp (tube or SS), do you need a separate phone stage?

yes you do
Oui mon ami
Yes your turntable would connect to the input rca's of a phono stage, & your headphone amp to the output rca's of the phono stage. Your headphones plug in the 1/4" jack on the headphone amp, & then are nested on your ears.

Remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.

Audiobugged: The ears on my head? :)
Rnm4, thanks for asking this question. Audiobugged is referring to me and my slanted green head, heheh.
I'm afraid I would have to disagree with Audiobugged. I taught for 10 years and I heard some really stupid questions.
Hey Gunbie, My instructions where non head size, shape related. So even if you head is non-slanted but more as Schlitze, Zip, & Pip the Pinheads from Todd Brownings 1932 movie "Freaks" the headphones should still be nested on your ears. If your just a total Bonehead, then Staple/Nail/Glue Gun, & Duct Tape could be optional means of fastening?