dumb question...I apologize

I am setting up a backup system in vacation home. I already have an amp (bryston 4bsst)and a line stage preamp. I want to incorporate my turntable to take advantage of my 3000+LPs....so....if I purchase a phono pre amp, can I feed it's output into the line stage, which I want to use for CD input and tuner input, or will the gain be too high, and it's output should go directly into the amp? Do I need to purchase another pre with a phono stage? (MM)

Home system, needs no help: McIntosh 402, ML 390 and 380s, REL Stadium III sub, Martin Logans, Magnum Dynalab, MIT cables and interconnects. Quite lovely, actually.

I should know the answer to this, but it has been so long since I have used a 'table....

Your input is most appreciated.


While there are ways to make this unimaginably complicated, here's a straightforward answer to get things going: You'd plug the RCAs from the turntable into the inputs of your external phono stage of choice, and then plug the outputs from that into one of the line inputs in your preamp. And you'll be good to go. With that many albums, I'm betting you'll have lots of fun with this.
ok....that is helpful. Any gain issues to deal with or will the pre look at this input as just another ? I think I am remembering all of this. Jeez....LPs.....turntable. Am I too old for this?
Derbim, what you're proposing is exactly how stand-alone phono stages are designed to work. A phono pre bumps up to 'line' voltage suitable for a line pre-amp, just like, say, a CDP.

Almost none of them have a vol control anyway so you could not go direct to amp.
No need to apologize -- as the saying goes "the only dumb question is the one not asked."

Phono stages are typically designed to work into line-level inputs of line stage preamps. Occasionally situations will crop up where mm cartridges have greater than average output and all of the electronic components have greater than average gains or sensitivities, resulting in mismatch problems, but those situations are unusual.

Your Bryston amp does not appear to be unduly sensitive, and in fact gives you some flexibility by providing sensitivity that is selectable between two settings. I think it's very unlikely that you'll have a problem, but for added confirmation you might want to post back indicating the model of your preamp and cartridge, and your candidate phono stage(s) when you've selected them.

-- Al
PS Audio phono stage has a volume control, and is well reviewed for it's retail price of $999.
Buff, have you noticed how difficult it is to find non-well-reviewed components? :)
Derbim, in my experience most all phono preamps have less gain than CD players. So I very much doubt too much gain will be an issue - depending on your cartridge.

Also, how will you decide which LP's you'll carry to your vacation house? (now this probably IS a dumb question) This, and the notion of schlepping them back ad forth is why I've decided to keep the vinyl at home. I just take my laptop and use it as a source, along with a collection of CD's I've burned. Since I have a spare table I am always tempted to set it up at my other place, except for that issue.
Thank all of you who responded. Excellent guidance. Now .... off to shopping. Helping the economy, etc.

Thanks again, guys. Moving the LPs.....well....for starters, a select few boxes for the first trip. I hate to split them up...immediately I will want to listen to the one that is 430 miles away..........