Dumb Question about wi fi

I'm thinking of geting a Squeezebox (or similar device) so I can listen to the hi rez files resident on my iMac through my stereo on another floor. Sounds simple, huh? The problem is the wi fi in our house is created by a router hooked to my wife's PC. The iMac can see the wireless and this is how I get internet on the iMac. But will I be able to connect the Squeezebox (or any other music streamer) to our PC-based wi fi and then access files on my iMac? Or will I need the iMac to generate a wi fi network of its own?
Thanks for any help!
Would you clarify something? Is the wireless router hooked directly to a cable or DSL modem and is simply sitting next to your wife's PC? That would be the more common configuration.

Assuming that's the case, you can continue connecting additional devices (such as the Squeezebox Touch or another laptop) wirelessly to the router. The Touch could then stream music from your iMac. Note you'd need to install the Squeezeboxserver program on the iMac to provide the stream.
Yes, the wireless router is hooked into the DSL modem. The DSL modem is plugged into the telephone outlet and the router is plugged into her computer.
So the Touch could connect over wireless to the router. But could it command the iMac from there?
The Mac will probably need a separate network. The network file systems are different etc.. The Mac can usually setup its own network without needing another router.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Yes. If the iMac, PC and Touch are all on the same subnet provided by the router, then the Touch will be able to get music from the iMac.

However, as noted before, you'll need to install the Squeezeboxserver software on the iMac. The iMac will need to be turned on and running that software whenever you want the Touch to play music from your collection. (Your iMac does not need to be on to access internet radio on the Touch.)

I'd suggest you check out the discussion groups at forums.slimdevices.com for additional detailed info.
Steve, I gather you are not familiar with the Squeezebox devices?

I have a Touch and use a Linux server on my home network that has six computers (2 Windows & 4 Linux) along with a Roku for video, a Squeezebox Touch, a Squeezebox Duet controller, a Squeezebox SB3, and a DirecTV web connection).They are all on the same subnet provided by my ordinary Belkin router.

There is no need for a separate network for the Touch and whatever computer supplies the music. The only need is the music server needs to run the Squeezeboxserver program. They have Windows, Mac and Linux versions available. File storage format (NTFS, EXT3, HFS+, etc.) is irrelevant.
I know all of the SB devices, Sb2, SB3, Duet, Touch, Transporter. I only have one network and it's wired. When I need WiFi for audio I plug in an AirPort Express. Better security this way.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Airport Express & Extreme use WPA/WPA2 security which is the same used by all other modern wireless devices.

The original poster's question had to do with setting up a streaming network. He's already got a wi-fi network so would assume he's comfortable with wireless security issues. Adding a wi-fi Touch will not make anything worse in this regard.
Isn't it true that the SB Touch only does 24/96 and the SB 3 or SB Classic doesn't go over /48? OP mentioned high rez, so doesn't he need something else?

I enjoy my SB3 with redbook AIFF files, but think that is the end of the road for the upper limit with these bargain devices. Cheers,

Isn't it true that the SB Touch only does 24/96 and the SB 3 or SB Classic doesn't go over /48? OP mentioned high rez, so doesn't he need something else?

You are correct about the bit rates for the Touch and SB3, but 24/96 is considered hi-rez and is the most common higher resolution format. Squeezeboxserver can also use SOX to play bit rates higher than 24/96 on the Touch.

I assume the OP has taken his needs into account in considering a Squeezebox.
Thanks for all the details, Mlsstl.
Actually, I hadn't thought about the upper limit sample rate of the squeezebox until Sbank mentioned it. And I see you can get some files in 24/192 from hdtracks, so maybe I will consider another streamer.
When I first posted this, I was really only concerned about controlling the iMac over the PC-attached wi fi, and it sounds like I will be able to do that, regardless of the streaming device I wind up with. Not sure I'm too thrilled about leaving my iMac powered up all the time, but I guess that's a small price to pay. I can always walk upstairs to turn it on when I need it, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having hi fi available through wi fi. Might as well get a new universal player instead.

Thanks for all the comments so far. You've given me a lot to consider. If anyone's still reading, do you know if there are streamers that can accommodate 24-bit/192kHz?