dumb and simple questions from a noob

I'm brand new to this sub and have some extremely dumb questions (I'm talking i was about to buy jbl 9.1 soundbar for 1500 before i found this sub lol). ive tried to answer my own questions by digging around the sub but honestly am still a bit lost:

  1. if you have an actual surround sound system (5.1 or more), how on earth do you manage all those cables? are newer setups wireless (as in there's only power cords?). i'm trying to figure out if i could even have a nice audio setup without cables running all around my room which is a no go for me due to the gf. any basic info / website links would be great

  2. tv aside (not willing to do projector at this point in my life), how much does a nice audio setup cost (mid-range, not entry level but not ultra high end)? I'd be willing to spend 3k on a nice system (including receiver) and build as i go. any suggestions on what to priortize would be great. for some context, I have around a 12x12 space for my media setup. and again, i don't really care about aestehtic but it cant be an eyesore

  3. any general websites about the basics of home theatre setup would be awesome...really trying to dive deep. i've been producing music for many years and my favorite part about it is being a gear junkie....and i'm becoming a gear junkie all over again for all this home theatre equipment....this sub is awesome

thanks in advance.


It you can, go to stores that sell the stuff. Let the sales people hustle you. Just stay strong when the sales people put the pressure on for a quick buy.

Neither dumb nor simple....

You can build an incredible system from 3K, if you do your research and are willing to buy used. Take advantage of https://www.safeandsoundhq.com/ and Amazon and Crutchfield’s 30-60 day trials. You best value would be around 1K for an integrated amp and $1500 for speakers which leaves 500 for the source.

Just figure out your priorities, what type of music, how much detail, bass, clarity, imaging, brightness, neutral sound you desire to accomplish and that would determine your speakers which would then narrow down you amp choices.

PS: most members here can’t suggest anything for you for 3K, they spend that much on a speaker cable upgrade 🤣 - my rig cost about 3.5K too

As far as #1 goes I have 2 surround systems.

Cables through the floor in one. Tiny rears hanging from a drop ceiling with homemades in the front on the Severance (basement) floor.

Also could research the many rca to  wireless/bluetooth  transmit/receivers for surrounds, wides, height etc. Get a nice pair of speakers that sound good to you for 2ch stereo listening.  They will then be fine for fronts for the HT.  Look at an onkyo or denon for the receiver.  Good midfi and not break the bank.  I did all klipsch 11.1 for HT I’ve had for years that was, all in, probably more than $3k, but not by much.  
I built an entirely separate system for stereo though.


Here’s a complete system that’s more than adequate for your room and includes everything (except cables) for $2500.  IME for HT you need a really good center speaker and subwoofer, and this nails them both along with a great supporting cast including wireless surround speakers so no messing with long cables.  This will blow you away, and you’ll have $500 left over for cables although you really don’t need to spend near that much (lemme know if you want recommendations there).  Hope this helps, and best of luck.