Dukes of dixieland, 1956, AFLP, The full set ?

Audio Fidelity, mid 60's. If you're 65 or older, JBL, Electro Voice, Marantz, Mc Intosh The birth of the high end.

I'm listening to volume 1 of the Dukes Of Dixieland as I type. Cleaned on my VPI 16.5, played on my Shelter 90 X. I remember Lila, my first girlfriend; she thought I was crazy to be so involved in music. I bet she's watching a reality show now. I have the entere set and can't wait to clean and hear them all. HOW ABOUT YOU. If you have the original AFLP recordings, how do you feel when you listen to them?
I have about 6 or 7 of these,(Dukes) in mint condition, but Ive never played one yet.Maybe this will inspire me to....
If we are talking the 'Assunto' family then I love them. My father has some vinyl, I only have a cd. A class act. I love dixieland music. I have a cd by an excellent dixieland group called 'Staromestsky',I think come from Checkoslovakia.
Here's a couple of short clips of them 'busking' In Prague. Notice the drummer playing with plastic bottles.