Duke did the Sound LABs survive?

Duke how did your Sound Labs and of course you make out in New Orleans with the hurricane??

Best of Luck,

Speaking for Duke, he got smart and moved out before the "Fit hit the Shan" (storm wise and otherwise).

Last I heard, he took a job with a speaker manufacturer a couple of months ago and moved to the Pacific Northwest. Idaho I think.

Maybe Duke will see this thread and fill in details. He is a passionate retailer and music lover and I always enjoy reading his posts.

His close friend Richard Gray still lives near New Orleans, I've tried calling his work and cell phone numbers, only to get a "fast busy" signal, meaning the phone delivery systems are screwed up by the storm.

I pray Richard is OK, he has travelled to my home on several occasions to do mods and listen.
Storm-wise and otherwise, indeed :-) He moved a few months ago to a small town in Idaho where his wife was from. Haven't heard much else but he'll be around.
Isn't Idaho in twister territory?
Chubby Checker does not live in Idaho.
No, Idaho does not have many twisters.

Nor potato famines.
I heard he's "livin' in his own private idaho." :-)
I haven't been on the audio sites in a while and was surprised to see this thread.

Thanks for your concern George SchubertManiac. And thanks for posting on my behalf, Albert and Brian.

I moved from New Orleans two months ago. It had nothing to do with my being smart; I pissed off the relative who owned the majority interest in the house I had been living in, and got myself thrown out. I did not want to move.

I haven't heard from Richard yet, Albert. I'll post here when I do, but I'm confident he made it out.

The scope of the devastation to over a million lives (across the gulf coast region) makes my isolated good luck seem somehow blasphemous. I still identify with New Orleans; that's my home, those are my people. That's my city dying.

I know you and Richard are good friends, is his home far enough inland to be safe from the flood waters?

I too am sorry for the Crescent city, I not only honeymooned there, I traveled there many times for pleasure and business, including Mardi Gras coverage for Southwest Airlines. I did SWA's Vacation magazine for eleven years and always pushed the art directors to let me return to New Orleans every year for "one more photo update."

How is life in Idaho? Wonder if you live anywhere near our good friend Pat Malone "Lugnut"?
Albert -

I have been told that Richard Gray is alive and well in Tupelo, Mississippi. I don't know what condition his business is in, nor when he will be allowed to return.

Richard's house is about a mile or so from my old house, and being fairly close to the river it might not have flooded. Likewise, his business might not have flooded - I haven't seen any images on TV that showed standing floodwaters in either area.

I think Lugnut lives in the Boise area, maybe four hours from me. Hope to meet him some day.

Duke, that's good news when most of what were hearing and reading is bad.

Selfishly, I'm glad you and Richard are safe, and encourage you to find a way to visit Pat. He traveled here for short stay and we had a blast, a true music lover and a great guy.

I am glad you are ok. I hope the rest of your family is also. Hey buddy, you need to send me my Marquee center. I understand the storm and your father's illness have held you up. No problems, I am just wanting to finish my listening room.