Duk Ellington Money Jungle - 200G Classic Records

I was wondering if anyone has this on vinyl and if they could say whether the recording improves on vinyl over cd? I have a couple of different CD issues and while the music is fantastic, the recording quality has always left me cold. Was it badly recorded in the first place or is it just lousy cd sound?
Sadly, it's poorly recorded in the first place.
Yes. The LP has some distortion and a rather shallow soundstage. I wonder what the master sounds like.
I just put it on for a spin.I must say that while agreeing with the other comments on recording quality,the chance to hear Ellington actually play that piano rather than just sit there and direct the action,is the thing that makes this LP indispensable.I have the UA stereo original,as well as the UA stereo (Douglas) re-ish and the Blue Note DMM re-ish (Digital) but with extra tracks.The Douglas is just slightly less bright than the original.I have personally given up on the 180,200 G path as overpriced and generally lacking in quality.The exception being Steve Hoffman's offerings.I advise trying to find reasonablly priced Douglas ($5-7)because the music is great.
I suspected it was the recording quality. I'll therefore pass on the vinyl.

On the other hand, if you're looking for great recordings of Duke in small group Piano in the Foreground on Columbia and Duke's Big 4 on Pablo are excellent.