Duhks Live

Last night in a little 400 capacity theater The Duhks played their hard to categorize blend of music to an enormously appreciative audience. I was lucky enough to have front row center seats in a house that had no bad seating. In a nutshell, lets just say I was a big Duhks fan, now Im a HUGE fan.
This band mixes everything...ok you have to hear it to know- they are impossible to describe. "New Bluegrass" dosent begin to touch on the cross section of influences. Bass, banjo, fiddle guitar and drums fronted by a short haired tattoed female singer with a soulful, sometimes gospel delivery. This band defiantly crosses boundries and it all seems to make perfect sense. Take this interesting mix and add tight arrangements by masterful musicians that can explode into powerful fiddle driven jam...
Just one word about live vs studio. Nothing about this band is dependent on studio technique, everyhing is there, if anything with added spark! And the heart of this band Tania Elizabeth- the fiddle player, is absolutely fantastic (only 21, she told me she has played since she was 3).
Blah blah blah, just see them if you can.
I bought thier CD a few weeks ago,,,very good!!!!!!Looking forward to hearing more from them!