Duevel Planets

Anyone own or have heard the Duevel Planets speakers? If so, what are/were your impressions (pros / cons)?
Perform a search in the speaker category for Duevel Planets. There are some comments there.
These speakers work great for my current application. They are in a medium sized L-shaped living room (20X17) that is very lively (all wood, glass, leather). Partnered with an Aura Note all-in-one system. Their unusual aesthetics matches well with the rooms contemporary stylings. Used mostly for background listening, and being omnis, do a nice job filling the room (satisfying sound at any location). Overall, the have a very natural tonal balance that reminds me a lot of Harbeth or Spendor- slight mid-bass emphasis, communicative but not overly resolving midrange, and decent extended treble. More of a music-lovers speaker than the typical audiophile fare.

Pros include easy-to-drive (but not high efficiency), very impressive bass for their small size, highly musical and play all genres well, good image separation but slightly diffuse, and non-fatiguing.

Main cons are that they can't be placed too close to the rear wall, possibly too small for larger rooms and don't have the dynamics of larger speakers, and are not as resolving/detailed as the speakers in my dedicated two-channel system (Nomad Ronins, Carolina Audio JTMs).
Read 6moons' review about them published earlier this year ( April or May 2008 IIRC ). Take it for what it is...one person's opinion. For their price, there may be other speakers you should audition, which will present a similar omni surround soundstage like the Planets.
They are very nice and easy to drive. I have Bella-lunas and Jupiters and love them both...