Duevel Part Deux

A while back, a thread was started on Duevel speakers, but there was little response. I am very curious about these speakers. Ted at www.highendaudio.com (formerly the Audible Difference) in Connecticut speakers very highly of these speakers, which is to be expected as he is the distributor. The website for the speakers is http://www.cd-konzert.de/loudspeaker.htm. Has anyone heard these, purchased them, lived with them?
in summer 2001 i visited High-End- Frankfurt(Germany)exposition.I listened for a while to some Duevel speakers,with Klimo amps, Pluto Audio turntable,and Blue Amp phono pre.I was preety impressed with sound of that system.I am a fun of polidirectional (and multidirectional)speakers (i own Shahinian Obelisk),and i think ,like Richard Shahinian, that conventional speakers are simply an error, and Duevel and Shahinian share a similar filosofy.The sound of that system was wonderfully open ,threedimensional,very detailed,timbricaly correct, maby not very very deep in bas, but very tuneful(i think it was not the bigest Duevel),with natural ,liquid midrange and wery detailed silky highs.It would be more correct to say that soung was very coherent, and a little bit of injustice to separate sound in three parts,it was just music there.Something simmilar to my Obelisk, but i like more: deeper and more dynamic and further more out of box bass performance of my Obelisk,which is more capable of resolving complex classic music passages with big orchesters and very dynamic music.Of course it is difficult to make these declarations without direct comparison in same system and room, but it was my impression.If you didnt yet heard Obelisks or some even better Shahinians i advice you to do that soon.And the price in USA is just a dreem for us from Europe-Obelisk is around 6000 euros here.If you like that type of sound (omnidirectional-very live-be there, expereance)you will love Shahinians."Problem" can be that for (better)Shahinians you need reely good amp to move them properly, which is opposite to Duevel.I think it is worth trying to audition Duevels, it just can be to expencive in USA ,same like USA equipment here in Europe.
I hope i helped you a little.Greetings from Madeira.
Thanks for taking the time to provide your impressions.
I have a reasonable experience with Bella_lunas & also lived with a pair for a short time. What would you like to know?