Duevel omni's

Yesterday I spoke to the distributer in Canada who is the sole place to buy the Planet and Enterprise in North America. The other models are sold thru a distibutor in Texas. A weird way of selling for sure.
What I discovered in my conversation was they offer no audition period. His reasoning for this was it would raise the price of the speakers. So I wonder how many sales he's lost due to this lame policy. Just thought I'd share this tidbit with all.
There are a few direct sellers who offer no return option. I agree it must cost them business. I recall one seller who offers two price structures; one price with a return option, and a lower price with no return option. That kinda makes sense to me.

Other than travelling to the showroom, the only way to hear these brands is to search for a local owner. Perhaps if you post your zip code, you can find local Duevel owners who will invite you in for an audition. Alternatively, you could ask the distributor to refer you to a local owner, or have him arrange a local audition for you with an owner.

I bought some Ohms, which come with a 120-day home audition (but you risk losing the round-trip shipping charges). Ohm won't even take the speakers back in the first 60 days, since they won't have broken in sufficiently for the auditioner to hear what the speakers really sound like.
Probably one reason you do not see more Duevels out there in North America. A limiting policy no doubt. I wish it were otherwise.
I have a really great place to try them out but don't want to buy new and take a hit if I go to sell them. They rarely show up in the classified ads. I have a small apartment separate from my home and it is cityscape, mostly black and white decor with some chrome, and the Planets would look great there. I don't know if they would sound great but proper acoustical placement cannot take the place of decor- I have been so ordered! Therefore an omni speaker would be ideal. I hope they change their strategy.
I am very interested in the Enterprise model but I would never buy them without listening first. There are several rave reviews but you have to go to the distributor in Canada to audition them. The distributor, Mutine has the following statement on their page: "I took my semi-retirement in 2008; hence, I answer only to serious requests containing full information, including name, address, phone number and a short description of the expected information." It shouldn't be so difficult to buy a pair of speakers especially when there are so many excellent speakers more readily available today. Duevel needs better distribution in North America.

You are absolutely right. I did that stuff and he gave me a price on the Planets of $1600 for piano black. the guy (Mutine) gave me the impression he feels he is doing me a favor. And there is no auditioning. Once you buy them they are your's. Not the way to sell gear. If warranty work is ever needed I can't see myself dealing with him.

The Enterprise isn't worth apprx. double the price of the Planets. There are plenty of reviews out there for Duevel speakers.