Duevel Loudspeakers

I would like to get some feedback from anyone that has a pair of,or has heard a pair of Duevel Loadspeakers.Any models.Thanks
I own a pair of Bella Luna's, I had tried about twenty types before I found these gems. Easy to drive, great musicality. Rene
I ahve also listened to a few models -- quite extensively. What are you looking for (or at), and what equip would you like to use?
I inadvertently deleted a private mail from a member, concerning Duevels...(too much spam these days). Sorry, but I didn't notice the name until it was too late -- please mail me again! HNYear!
I'm interested in these speakers as well. How much room do they need around them? ie. can they be placed within two feet of the back wall?
I heard a pair of Duevel Planets which sounded really nice in the dealer's listening room. However, in my own listening room they didn't perform very well.

The dealer told me that since these speakers rely heavily of room bounderies, they need to be used in a symmetrical room and mine is not (no side wall on the listener's right side).

Not sure about the other models.
If they perform like other omnis I have heard, they probably sound best with some distance from walls in larger rooms.

I went to OHM Walsh omni's specifically for performance and flexibility in an assymetrical room (L shaped). Asymetrical rooms can be very problematic for most any kind of speaker, but I would tend to go for omnis if possible in these rooms.

My rational is that with an asymmetrical room you need speakers that adapt into the room and utilize it well as is, not speakers that sound best only once you've tweaked the room to optimize them which will never happen in an asymmetrical room.