Duelund RCA interconnects...opinions

I posted an on some other forums seeking opinions. I've heard some good things about RCA cables made with Duelund wire on various forums. Just curious if anyone here has used the interconnects and have any opinions? A couple places selling both 16ag (more smooth sounding) and 20ag (More detailed and forward sounding) versions.
@lordcloud - what brand of Balanced Cables are you referring to?

@grannyring - thanks for the update - I also use 24 gauge on the signal and 16 guage on the neutral of my DIY cables. The sound was so much better and noise floor lower using the heavier gauge.

I have a borrowed pair of unbalanced (RCA) 16g ICs and bought another pair of balanced 20g Duelunds  Not bad, and cheap (my pairs at least) but not world-beaters.  They're certainly worth a try. The KLEI connectors would probably make a positive difference -- I've used them elsewhere. 
16 gauge is needed on the xlr set for best sound. Yes, connector quality matters for sure.  
I use Belden 8402 RCA cables between MC SUT and phonostage.
I need shielded RCA cable in this position.
Has anybody compared Duelund 20avg or 16avg interconnects with shield versus Belden 8402?

I purchased a 1m pair of Duelund 16 ga. unshielded RCA interconnects last year.  After 4 months of regular use I replaced them with a pair of LessLoss C-MARC interconnects.  In my system there was no comparison between the two. The noise floor of the LessLoss interconnect was significantly lower than the Duelund leading to improved detail retrieval and imaging cues. The LessLoss interconnects also added a level of  “gravitas” to the music that the Duelund did not.  That being said the LessLoss interconnects are much more expensive than the Duelund.  I did not try the shielded version of the Dueland.  That may have worked out better for me.