Duelund Hook Up Wire

Has any one used the Duelund .5 hook up wire for their crossover wiring, or from the crossover to the individual speaker drivers.
I have ordered their capacitors and resistors to rebuild my crossovers for my Klipsch horns and want to use synergistic hook up wire.
David Pritchard
I use the Duelund 2.0 speaker wire from my power amp to my outboard crossovers (with all Duelund products), from the crossovers to the speakers and the internal speaker connection from the binding post to the tweeter. Check out my system.

Your crossovers are a work of art. I am sure their sonic qualities match their visual beauty.
David Pritchard


I was told that the components that went into my crossovers are of the quality normally seen in $100K speakers. They do sound fanatastic!

The boxes were also custom made by a furniture grade woodworker. Not only do they look beautiful, when you look at the boxes, you can't even see a seam.