Duelund DCA16GA

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone have try this cable? I have never try the original WE cable but I want to buy this cable for my speaker. Other candidate is supra cable.

Can someone give some feedback?

The Dueland DCA16ga tops the WE16ga. Read what Jack Roberts (the Beatnik) of Dagogo has to say, basically, he like likes them better than the Hi Fidelity top of the line cables at $11,000 to $16,000. Or you can read about them at Jeff Day's Blog, jeffsplace.me to read a number of comments by Jeff, as well as his readers.

I have several pairs playing now between the main rig, DeVore 0/96, Coincident Dynamo 34SE Mark II as well as Harbeth Super HL5 and Leben CS600, as well as rotating in Tekton Lore or Mini-Lore. Best speaker cables I have heard in my systems. Best, Rob

I know about Jeff's blog.

Do you have link for Jack review?

The Beatnik says: "Well yestday afternoon I broke down and put the High Fidelity UR speaker wires back in the system. I was surprised how similar they sound, but I definitely prefer the Duelund. The High Fidelity UR has a quieter background, there is a little more separation between instruments and voices, there was slightly more detail and the bottom end was tighter and deeper. In the upper bass through the upper midrange the Duelund was simply more alive, you can hear more energy, more overtones from both instruments and voices, drums sound more like real drums. The soundstage may not be quite as wide but it is more three dimensional and much more believable. When it comes to which one makes you want to listen longer there is no contest, the Duelund is simply more emotional involving and sounds more like you are there.

By the way 3 meters of the UR cost $16,500 and 3 meters of Duelund cost $120. That means the Duelund is 1,350 times less expensive. Amazing

I’m expecting the Belden interconnects today.

l'll attempt to find the link. Best, Rob

Here is the Link: boppingwiththebeatnik.wordpress.com 

Enjoy, best, Rob

Sorry, it's boppinwiththebeatnik.wordpress.com


I was hoping a real user will give feedback here.  The cable is now out of stock but rarely someone talk about it.

Please do share what you think are Duelund's strengths and how they compare with other cables that you had in your system. 

I am also most interested in getting a pair of 8402 ICs and am wondering if they marry (with the WE or Duelund sc) as well as many have claimed. 

The Belden 8402 ICs are a great match for both WE16ga or Duelund DCA16ga. You can read about them about them at Jeff Day's Blog, jeffsplace.me or at boppinwiththebeatnik.com from Jack Roberts. I agree with their thoughts on the WE16ga and/or Duelund16ga. Both Jack and Jeff are professional reviewers. I am not; but I am considering writing a review here on Audiogon. Just have to find some time. Another source/voice you should listen to is what Yazaki-san the great Japanese designer of SPEC/mod maven of many, many, significant amps and speakers have to say about WE16ga and Belden 8402 among other audio topics. It is Yazaki-san who brought the WE16ga/Belden 8402 combo to Jeff Day's attention. You can read about this stuff at Positive Feedback online. I've been around this hobby for many years, both as a pro musician and the audio world for too many years and have listened to cheap cables to multi-thousands of dollar cables. yMMV, but the owner of Duelund has made a serious assault on the state-of-the-art in speaker cable design. So simple, so innovative, so inexpensive, that sound like "Real Music" as Yazaki-san likes to say. Best, Rob
Can someone other than Miki give some feedback?

The cable is sold out at the moment but only 1 people talk about it.

You might check out the thread on these in the Cables section on Audio Asylum.
One person or 100 people providing feedback it will still be subjective.  I believe mikirob has been responsive and insightful.  He's given follow up links as well. I strongly suspect that this is a very good cable. Good luck.
Salectric posted an interesting perspective on the Duelund and WE16a wire on the Audio asylum cable forum. He put into words how I came to altimately feel about the sound of the WE16 speaker wire and Belden ICs. They are definitely worth a try since they are inexpensive. As mtbrider mentioned there are a few threads on the AA cable forum.

Ok I will check thanks

Thanks for your help and feedback. 
my pleasure. Hope all goes well for you. Best, Rob
Salectric has his own experience to go on which is opposite my experience, Yazaki-san, Jeff Day, Jim Simth of "Bettter Sound" now Jack Roberts (the Beatnik) amongst others. As we always say, YMMV. I've used Wire World Eclipse and in my system it does not do for my system what it does do in Salectric's system. I think Jack Roberts put it succinctly, $16,000 High Fidelity speaker wire or low hundreds for DCA Duelund, which Jack thinks is better sounding. Only one way to find out, try and compare. You make the decision.

I've made my decision. I appreciate what Duelund has done; Big Bang for the buck speaker cable that will compete with anything out there and might just be better in your rig. Certain worth the try-out at its low cost. Best, Rob
Currently using the Dueland in 2 applications:
1.) As speaker cable and internally re-wired my back loaded Frugelhorn XL's, and as interconnects (2pairs w/switchcraft RCA connectors) alternating between a Fisher 500-B and a Dynaco ST-70/PAS-3
2.) As speaker cable between my Devore Fidelity Gibbon 8's and Mcintosh MC-30's

The cable is astonishingly good for the price! It smells a little funny when you pull it out of the package from the oil but dissipates quickly. I also own and used the famed Western Electric cable this cable is based on and I can say with certainty that I prefer the Dueland. Jeff's Place is a great resource in regards to this cable and choice vintage gear. Hope this helps some.
Great to hear Rob and Mario!

I compared the WE16ga to my Duelund 2.0 and preferred the 2.0 overall and in my case but the WE16ga has it's strengths and for the money... I have a second system with a bit of a dead midrange which the WE16ga or now the Duelund will be just what is needed. 

Excellent midrange but it is is telephone cable! :)

I have used and have the original copper Duelund which was not as good as the Silver.