Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling

I have been an avid user of the Duelund cabling for over two years now and have used them exclusively in my system with great results. I have built many for friends and have used a full loom of interconnects, speaker cables, power cords and an extensive wiring modification for a previously owned balanced power conditioner utilizing Duelund 600V PolyCast wiring which was transformative. My cabling desires can be a little addictive as I have owned and evaluated 40+ brands of cabling costing more than an entire stereo system!

Over the past six months I stumbled upon a thread here on Audiogon in regards to a Helix designed cabling and as you probably already know, I just had to look a little deeper into this cable design…After a month of studying and sourcing parts, I decided to reach out to the designer/architect, Williewonka who gave more insights and philosophy on how the cable came into existence.

That conversation got the ball rolling in converting one of my KLE Duelund interconnects to Steve’s Helix designed which only entailed replacing the neutral with a Mil-Spec 16 AWG silver-plated copper wire with the neural wire being 3 times longer than the signal wire and of course the “Coiling” of the neutral wire : )

After the modification was complete, I was not sure what to expect from the Helix cabling but I was quite shocked with the results with “ZERO” burn-in time…The sound stage became much wider/deeper with a much tighter/focused image and clarity/transparency is like nothing I have ever heard in any cabling regardless of cost. In fact, I just sold a full loom of a commercially designed Helix Cable that’s renowned around the world and has more direct sale than any cable manufacturer; these $200 DIY Helix Cables walked all over them…

I believe you will hear the same results as I have and have heard back from friends who have already modified their Duelunds with the same results; WOW! Remember the cables will need 200+ hours to burn-in and settle into your system. My system is now 90% DIY Helix to include IC, SC, PC and Coax with each cabling adding its beauty of an organic and natural presentation that draws you into the fabric of the music.

You can tailor the sound of your cables using Duelund, Mundorf silver/1% gold, the outstanding Vh Audio OCC Solid Copper or Silver with Airlok Insulation or your favorite wiring and you can change it at any time…








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I went about replacing all of my PC's.  Unfortunately, they did not work for my grand canary reference mono amps as there was a loud hum.  I was really hoping that all my power cords would be the same so it would be easier to hear the performance in totality. I currently have Kimber Kable from my mono amps. Does anyone have a suggestion for my mono amps that might work well in conjunction with all of my helix power cords?
@aniwolfe - I had thought about that also.

I’m just not "certain" how much benefit will be realized for a wire that costs more than twice the price of the Mil-Spec - would the benefits be marginal?

Another more affordable option is he UP-OCC stranded with the PVC insulation

The same approach could be applied to the speaker cables as well.

I’ll try the stranded on a couple of PC’s and find out.

But this latest adaption was definitely worth it

Regards - Steve
@willgolf - You might want to take a look at Inakustik power cables. They are very good.

I did converse with @aniwolfe about your Helix problem and I could not think of what might be causing that issue. It remains a mystery.

If you are looking for a DIY solution then I would suggest this bulk wire
Furutech FP-TCS31 PC-Triple C Power Cable - VH Audio

The copper used is very similar to UP-OCC copper and will provide similar benefits.

Hope that helps - Steve
@ williewonka

That's awesome and knew the RCA would have a positive effect as it was very noticeable on my PC.

Wig : )
@wig ’s observations regarding his upgrade of the Neutral on his power cables got the old grey-matter going - once again...

I just happened to have some 12 gauge bare Neotech UP-OCC laying around from one of my previous upgrades, so I decided to use it to see what impact it would have if I used the it for the NEUTRAL wires in my DIY Power Distribution Box.

This box is a very simple design - just three MRI grade outlets with a mini breaker and a couple of on/off switches - it is used only to distribute power to my source components

The existing wires
  • live - 12 gauge solid Neotech with Teflon - approx 20" long
  • neutral - 12 gauge silver plated Mil-Spec - approx 10" long
I simply replaced the neutral only with the bare 12 gauge inside a PVC tube - so basically I incorporated the "Air" adaption as well

But when I listened - just as @wig observed - I could not believe what I was hearing.
  • improved clarity and even more details - just wonderful articulation
  • improved bass texture details and depth
  • improved dynamics
  • an image that is more detailed and spacious
All this right from the get-go.

One of my favorite types of audition music is the Church Pipe Organ, because of the subtle nuances of the upper register pipes, to the more startling bass tones.
I have a few pieces recorded in large cathedrals using dual high quality microphones only, which I find are just amazing to listen to.

But I was not quite ready for what I was about to hear...

This simple little upgrade now conveys the true (massive) character of this wonderful instrument.
  • the truly amazing "wall of sound" that conveys the grandeur of the cathedral setting
  • the stunning dynamics and details from the bass pipes through to the upper registers
  • the vibration of those massive bass pipes - it was like someone shaking you
  • and the separation between the various sections of "pipe voices" spread across the image

After experiencing how much more difficult upgrading the 16 gauge neutral on the Interconnects were, I decided I did not want to "wrestle" with replacing a 12 gauge neutral on my PC’s

So now I eagerly await the arrival of the 12 gauge Neotech stranded UP-OCC for a PC Upgrade - later this week.

As always - I will reports back on this upgrade also

So what started out as a seemingly "insignificant upgrade" i.e. to put some spare quality wire to good use
- it appears that it doesn’t matter how long the wire is
- upgrading to UP-OCC always pays off

Regards - Steve.