Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling

I have been an avid user of the Duelund cabling for over two years now and have used them exclusively in my system with great results. I have built many for friends and have used a full loom of interconnects, speaker cables, power cords and an extensive wiring modification for a previously owned balanced power conditioner utilizing Duelund 600V PolyCast wiring which was transformative. My cabling desires can be a little addictive as I have owned and evaluated 40+ brands of cabling costing more than an entire stereo system!

Over the past six months I stumbled upon a thread here on Audiogon in regards to a Helix designed cabling and as you probably already know, I just had to look a little deeper into this cable design…After a month of studying and sourcing parts, I decided to reach out to the designer/architect, Williewonka who gave more insights and philosophy on how the cable came into existence.

That conversation got the ball rolling in converting one of my KLE Duelund interconnects to Steve’s Helix designed which only entailed replacing the neutral with a Mil-Spec 16 AWG silver-plated copper wire with the neural wire being 3 times longer than the signal wire and of course the “Coiling” of the neutral wire : )

After the modification was complete, I was not sure what to expect from the Helix cabling but I was quite shocked with the results with “ZERO” burn-in time…The sound stage became much wider/deeper with a much tighter/focused image and clarity/transparency is like nothing I have ever heard in any cabling regardless of cost. In fact, I just sold a full loom of a commercially designed Helix Cable that’s renowned around the world and has more direct sale than any cable manufacturer; these $200 DIY Helix Cables walked all over them…

I believe you will hear the same results as I have and have heard back from friends who have already modified their Duelunds with the same results; WOW! Remember the cables will need 200+ hours to burn-in and settle into your system. My system is now 90% DIY Helix to include IC, SC, PC and Coax with each cabling adding its beauty of an organic and natural presentation that draws you into the fabric of the music.

You can tailor the sound of your cables using Duelund, Mundorf silver/1% gold, the outstanding Vh Audio OCC Solid Copper or Silver with Airlok Insulation or your favorite wiring and you can change it at any time…








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@aniwolfe - thanks for the link - I’ll tuck that one away for future reference.

Parts Connexion is one of those places that you have to at least visit, to see what deals they are currently promoting.

For Canadians like me, it’s often cheaper elsewhere because their shipping charges and taxes applied sometimes negate the effectiveness of the the deal

But delivery is faster.

The prices in the eBay links above were free delivery and taxes included - but it can take up to 4 weeks to deliver. The vendor Enjoyhifi is much faster than other vendors I have tried.

Cheers - Steve
These Helix cables sound amazingly real and quiet, never heard this level of performance in 30+ years of listening.

Myself and five friends replaced our multi-buck cables with these, they worked the same every time in all systems.

Thanks to Steve and Ron!!
@rx8man - and let’s not forget @grannyring - who brought us the Schroeder "Double Shotgun" version :-)

If you haven’t tried (what I refer to as) the Double-Double Interconnect, see my Web Site

I cannot say this often enough - my sincere thanks go to everyone that has contributed in the development of these cables.

It is a most excellent exchange of ideas, approaches and observations between many individuals, across many countries, on a large variety of components and systems.

Without this cooperative effort we would not have such great DIY cables

My Thanks - to everyone !

Regards - Steve
Yes, I almost forgot Bill, he's building me two pairs double-double, I only talked to him last night!