Duelund cast Pio Hybrid Copper/Silver or Rs series with Silver Bypass PIO

this will be in the signal coupling cap 1uf 630v. 


I am using the DuelundHybridcopper silver they are Great and seamless it’s like having a small  silver bypass it takes200 hours to settle in to 95% 

on my preamp I have a 1 uf Jupiter Copperfoil ,and to open thetop up a bit a .022 vh audio Cutf tefloncopper foil2.2%  of the 1 uf value after 3-400 hours sounds really good , theDuelund hybrids slightly better.

My massive crossovers with tinned copper CAST caps are now breaking in! Has anyone experienced the background noise floor change during the first 1000 hours?



For speaker crossovers, where does the original Western Electric 8 uf, 500VDC oil filled caps fit in with regards to the sound when used on an Altec crossover compared to these newer offerings? I have several of these sitting on a shelf, they are just so darn big and heavy in those steel cans. Sure look cool with that WE logo on them though.



Wow, I figured if any forum had folks that might have used some vintage WE capacitors, this would have been it. I'm curious as to how they compare to the high dollar caps.