Duelund cables design from www.audiolund.com

Dear All,

I love Duelund cables and I love the sound quality of vintage western electric (especially with Line Magnetic Amp). And, I believe that there are many Duelund fans here in Audiogon too..

There is a new website: www.audiolund.com  selling all the Audiophile design cables, RCA/XLR, Speaker cables, USB/Ethernet, as well as SPDIF digital cables, all handmade with Duelund cables..

Now they are offering - New Launch Promotion Sale for a limited period. It offers “30 days Money Back Guarantee”. Can return your purchase within 30 days for 100% full refund. Quite a number of good reviews too.

How good are the Duelund cables? I am a fan of Duelund cables now. For my setup with Line Magnetics AS-133/AS-125 tube amplifier and Denafrips Terminator DAC/Melco NAS/Soundaware streamer and Jays audio CD system, I switched all my cables using Duelund cables (Audiolund) now. 
If you want to know how good is the Duelund cable and how could it be optimized by Audiolund Design, believe that best is to give it a try yourself with no risk to return within 30 days. 

I see many nice designs there and value for money too. Find out more from:  

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