Duelund 16ga vs. 12ga

I've read some comparisons on-line, but am curious about others' experiences comparing these two gauges of Duelund hookup wire...

I currently have 16ga on a pair of Coincident PREs which require four separate runs of cable (to power the subwoofer and head units).  I'm trying to figure out if I should replace both sets of wires, or leave 16ga on either the head units or subs... or just stick with the 16ga on everything.  I have two goals, 1) to extract as much bass as possible out of my system, and 2) to get the most natural tones and textures.

Any input is appreciated.
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@grannyring will surely weigh in, but in the meantime, getting two runs of 12 awgs opens up at least three possibilities:

1. simply replacing the bass run;

2. twisting together with the 16 awgs (effective awg 11) for the bass run;

3. twisting the two 16awgs together for the head run (effective awg 13), and using the 12 on the bass.

I agree with twoleftears comment, I would also add that it depends on how long the cables need to be. In my experience I prefere the 12 gauge for bass runs. IMO anything over 8' (for bass) should be 12 gauge.
Runs over 8 feet or so the 12 gauge. 12 gauge Duelund has more bass and mid bass energy as well as increased dynamics.  The 12 gauge will give a little more meat on the bones, while the 16 gauge will be lighter on its feet and more nimble.  The 16 gauge will give more perceived air and details, but it is really not more resolving than the 12.  The 12 just serves it up with a tad more body and lower mids bloom. 
@grannyring Thanks Bill.
I wanted to bump this thread. I’m using Altec Valencia’s. Now running Duelund 16GA from Werner Crossover to 15" woofers and the Horns. I want to try the 12 GA and see what that does. Certainly in reading above the 12GA would be an attractive option for the bass...but what does everyone think about the Horn. Should I stay with my current 16GA, or go 12GA for the Horns as well?
I asked a cable guy who I trust (not Jim Carey) about the situation. He said stick with my 16 GA on Horns. But on the bass, the 12 GA would definitely be worth trying. Another option would be the double up (stack) the 16GA for the bass, which he said would essentially make it a 13 GA cable. Interesting stuff. 
I agree,16 Ga for mids and uppers and 12 Ga for bass, based upon my personal testing of Duelund wire.
I have short cable runs due to monoblocks, but never heard any difference between the two on my bass cabinets.  Unfortunately never tried the 12ga on my head units. 

I eventually switched to tempo electric solid core silver wiring and found it superior in all regards.  I think the Duelund has wonderful tonality, but loses a bit of precision due to the stranded wire design.  My old preamp had 16ga Duelund in it and I modified one input to use only a single strand of the duelund wire.  Comparing to a standard input you could hear the blurring caused by the multiple strands.  In the end I preferred single strand solid core silver (VH Audio) in that position as well.