Dueland Cables

Has anyone tried the  Dueland DCA16GA interconnect?
I purchased a pair a few months ago on Ebay. Price was ridiculously low.
After a brief listen I put them in a closet with a bunch of other cables.
They sounded bright & edgy.

"Well, you get what you pay for" I thought to myself.

At the time I was using a RME ADI 2 DAC converter.
A couple of days ago, having nothing to do, I pulled them out and inserted them again, this time using my AM  Tubadour III DAC.
I was gob+smacked!
No, literally, blown away by the wonderful sound.
And, this was with only a couple of hours of play time on them.

I A/B'd them with my Cardas Golden Presence interconnects several times and the Duelands by far won out every time.

I understand the  Dueland DCA16GA interconnect cables can be system dependent.
I guess I am lucky to have a system: (simple LTA MicroZOTL and and AM Tub. III DAC, ZMF & assorted phones) that positively blossoms with the Dueland 16GA interconnects.

I simply can't believe that a 60.00 pair of cables can make this big an improvement in SQ.
And, believe me, I have had my share of costly cables mover the years.

Can anyone share their experience with the  Dueland DCA16GA interconnect?

Thanks for reading.


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Hello Pastor Bob.  Good to read about your experience with the Dueland 16GA cables and interconnect.  I learned about them several years ago and read some stunning reviews.  They were tinned copper with oil soaked shields in those articles.  The reviewer even challenged them against some $14,000 cables but later came back and adjusted his thoughts about them. After living with them a while longer he felt the Duelands performed well but did not outperform the $14k cables.  Here is a copy of his review.  It really legitimizes what you're discussing.


Here is my experience with them:  I had both speaker and interconnects made up and ran them on my speakers for a while.  I noticed that I missed some top end detail but seemed to perform in line everywhere else.  I re-read the review from The Audio Beatnik and he said he figured out that his speakers needed to be very efficient to get the best performance from them and mine were not efficient at all.  I still have them boxed up and your note is making me think its time to pull them out again.  My current speakers are more efficient and my system more capable so it will be interesting to see the results.  Hope all is well and that this helps you understand the phenomenon of your Duelands.

Olskool  (Larry)
I used their predecessors, the vintage Western Electric 16 ga wire in my bedroom system and they were much more musical than my former Mogami cables, which were very good for little money.  I had a pair of the Dueland  IC's made and they are excellent for the small cost.  Jeff Day has a website that talks a lot about these cables.  
Correct, the Duelund wire is quite good, overlooked and cheap as hell in the land of galactically stupid expensive wire.  I've only run the bare end speaker wires on Penaudio Cenya, Merlin Black Magic monitors and several other quality speakers.  Hurray for you!