Duel Mono Pre-amp

What is a decent (Dual Mono) preamp on the market today.
Something under 1000.00 no (phono) section if possible.
Thanx for helping
Try the Musical Fidelity A3cr, around $750 used. (It does have a phono section, though.)

I wouldn't get hung up on "dual mono" design. Some of the most high-end companies don't use that technology. Just look for a great product.

Good point. Frankly at the $1K mark you're looking for something in the low end of the (high end) market. Making it dual mono means doubling up on a lot of stuff. As a result, I'm pretty well certain that even if you find a good one (that Musical Fidelity piece is probably a nice one) at your price point, you can find something that sounds better that's NOT dual mono.