Due to the incessant spam ads on this forum I'll stop contributing

@Tammy, please investigate the spam/ad popups which are getting out of control. So far I'm the annointed, looking for a partner, won multiple prizes, have gifts waiting at Walmart and all I have to do is click the little ok. No way to remove the rotary crap other than close Agon altogether. It's grating on my nerves.
@stereo5,  Please immediately report any Spam popups to Audiogon Customer Support to include a screen shot of the Spam popup.   This info helps Audiogon Developers to identify the source of the issue.  

Audiogon needs to be told the issue still exists as you noted above.  
So here is an update for you guys.
We have been aware of this problem from day one.
Thanks to  all of you that have reported it.
As of today, we think we have it under control but may not know for a week or two. Please continue to report any spam to [email protected], attention: Tammy. Fingers crossed we have figured out the problem this time and fixed it. Really appreciate everyone that had to put up with  this.  
Thanks.  The Audiogon forums are working okay on my iPhone and Spam popups are no longer appearing.  
I dont think its Audiogon's fault for the pop ups? Or any other well know website you are visiting 
It's interesting to see how many comments are made saying it's not agon issue. However since the issue is isolated to agon forum I disagree.  Agon has admitted their knowledge of this and has been working on a solution. I'm happy to report that they may have solved the problem as I have not experienced any pop ups in the last 2 days while perusing the threads. So far so good!  Hope the issue is solved.
Thank you Tammy and the IT team.