Dude or FSP MK3 Pre Amp

I am in need of a pre amp for my A-S S30.

I have all RCA cables and have looked into the A-S MP-1, to much $$$, and the MP-3, not good enough even with the upgrades? I have never seen a used MP-3 on the 'Gon.

The FSP MK3 has been a pre amp with history and a good resale unit.

The Dude has great reviews here on the 'Gon. but has some bad reports on fit and finish on the web. Resale might be a problem but then again if one does not have to wait 90 days for the unit to be built it might sell in one day.

Pre amp in use is a RWA Isabella and it is a very fine unit and sounds great but I believe the two pre amps I am looking at will run past it with ease.

What say you?
Why not match the S-30 with a balanced preamp since the S-30 is designed to be run balanced?
Besides the a-s pre what balanced pre would you suggest?
I used an Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK III and a Lamm L2 Reference (which is not differential balanced). Both were quieter through the balanced outputs.

My question was not an indictment. I just was curious about your reasons for selecting only single ended preamps.
Looks like I will give the dude a go at it. To many happy owners that are in love with it so I must look into the matter with some $$$.

The Atma Sphere amp is a steal @ its asking price so maybe this unit is also.
just got my Dude and it sounds great!! cant compare to FSP. The dude is quiet, dynamic, musical and the presence is spectacular. never heard base lines as clean solid or as deep. if you cant tell i am more than pleased with my purchase.

What pre were you using before the Dude?
The Dude is heaven! Seems to be more and more of us finding this out.