Dual vs single sub

Sorry Im sure this is all over the forums but I only found old articles. Situation. I have Two SVS 3000s that arent really doing it for me. Thinking of trading it in on the Big one and adding another in a year or so. Any thoughts on Big single vs 2 Medium?
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I have been provided conclusive evidence of Duke's (audiokinesis) integrity. Due to my postings on the subject of OB/Dipole subs (particularly the one by GR Research/Rythmik Audio), I was contacted by an Audiogon member concerning their use with planar loudspeakers. I answered his questions, and a few days later received another email from the member, telling me Duke had told him OB/Dipole subs would be a better choice for use with his loudspeakers. How rare is THAT?!
What are considered "bass frequencies"? Below what frequency are the L and R channels summed to mono? One way to hear differences between L and R is to use the Dynaco Quadaptor; it uses the difference (out-of-phase) content in a recording to produce a L minus R signal.