Dual voltage equipment U.S. & U.K. ??

Hi everyone-

I am in the U.S. now, but it is looking likely that I will have to live in the U.K for work - and then eventually return after a few years. I would rather buy some good equipment here that is dual voltage, rather than buying/selling three times each time I move. Can anyone recommend some components that would work on both sides of the Atlantic? I know Linn does this with their equipment, but I have yet to find many high end kits with this feature. Any advice would be appreciated. :)
If you like a particular brand that doesn't have the right voltage, check to see what it would cost to have it modded. Maybe even the manufacturer will do it if you're buying new.

By the way, most dual votage units, or triple in the case of Linn, aren't really dual voltage in the sense that you just open it up and flip a switch. It's factory made with the transformer for the country it's going to. So it may have to be modded anyway.
Some manufacturers like Jeff Rowland now make their newest production with universal voltage power supplies that require no manual voltage switching at all. Examples: JRDG Capri pre, Continuum 500 integrated, Criterion pre. G.