dual voltage components (220v for europe)

I am currently living in austria and was wondering if anyone had some information about the dual voltage capability of northamerican components, since i d like to listen to them hear but maybe take them back to canada
Most of the American/Canadian manufacturers these days are using dual wound power transformers, which just need a wire swap to change voltages. There is unfortunately no way tell from the outside, and the best thing to do is to call the manufacturer and ask :-( As for older used gear, you can usually open the top cover, and look at the transformer. If it is dual voltage ready, there will usually be some clues, such as a diagram, open transformer connections not connected, loose wires not connected, etc. Happy Listening, Arnie
I can offer you Parasound products, they are really good. Monarch has some products also as DIP Jitter Filter. Ozhan Atalay TURKEY
If your in Europe, I find that many of the European made products are usually easier to switch the voltage on. Many of them require nothing more than the flip of a swith and a new fuse & ac cord. What models are you considering? thanks, Brian@HelloHiFi.com ph805.527.9739 fax805.527.9808 www.hellohifi.com eCatalog available. New equipment demo’s by appointment. All quotes are good for 30 days. Customers in every state, & 26 countries (angol/ingles/englisch/beszelunk magyarul!/ hablamos en espanol/wir sprechen deutsch).