Dual-Use Subwoofer?

Not quite sure where to put this question - hope it’s in the right place.

My HT and audio systems are separate because my ’good’ stuff is reasonably good, my ’ordinary’ stuff is pretty ordinary, and I don’t want to ’taint’ the good stuff with ordinary stuff.

HT ’boxed’ system:
Infinity surrounds & sub (sub fed by LFE from the AVR)

Krell KRC-3
Bryston 4B-ST
Martin Logan reQuest
Polk PSW650 (signal fed by the preamp)

Because I live in a space-constrained home and want to give the ML’s the ’breathing room’ they really need, I’m wondering if it might be possible to ’consolidate’ by using only one Sub. The Polk unit is the more musical, definitely more than adequate for HT, has both LFE and Left/Right analog inputs, therefore would be the obvious choice.

Do you guys think it would be possible - or at worst, risky - to use the LFE input from the AVR and use the L/R analog inputs from my preamp for the higher-end stuff? I just don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground about electronics and don’t want to risk burning anything out in either the sub, the receiver or the preamp.

Thanks in advance!
Oh my I'm so glad I left HT 10 yrs ago and went right back to good ole 2 channel.I'm sure somebody will answer your question though.

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Yes this can be easily done. 

I have teo JL E112s and I have a two channel system passed thought for home theater. To make it even more complicated I low pass the mains and send the low effect signal to the subs at the same time for movies. The subs manage both signals. 

On the JL audio subs the left and right inputs are summed. From the two channel each sub gets a speaker level output from the preamp and from the receiver each sub gets a 0.1 channel output. 

This setup allow the subs bass outputs to be adjusted up using the 0.1 signal from the recover while still low passing just the front speakers at the volume of the sub settings. 
I'm running a Polk sub that accepts the outputs from both a receiver (mono out) and my main 'pile' (L&R) without any issues.

I don't run both at the same time, but haven't tried it either.  *L*  I could send two entirely different program sources to the Polk which could be amusing to listen to for awhile...

I'd think it'd rattle itself over to me and inquire if I'm pissed at it, or merely on drugs. ;)
@asvjerry  that's exactly the kind of configuration I was asking about, and exactly the kind of response I was hoping to hear - or a warning not to do so - either way would have been fine.

Thanks to all!
You might want to consider using a miniDSP solution. If I understand correctly, you want 1 sub hooked up to 2 sources?

MiniDSP will let you do this AND will let you do EQ and crossovers separately for each source.


I think a mini-dsp is more complicated than this requires.

My plan is to set the tonality of the SW to the audio system, and use the AVR to conform to that adjustment since the outupt on the receiver is variable.

My worry was simply with the possibility of signal from the Krell damaging the receiver, or vice-versa.

We're good to go.  Thanks!
Erik's right, if you've the desire for that level of control.

In my case, the mains have 'all the bells 'n whistles' (stand alone digital eq & xover) and the rcvr can either act like one or just act like a 'dumb box' amp, accepting a signal from elsewhere....

With the above And the digital eq in the 'puter, I can have exquisite control or gross deviancy...*L*  I tend towards the former....mostly...;)
My AVR has settings in the DSP for crossover and volume output for the sub and main speakers. Once I have the sub dialed into the audio system, I can tweak the receiver. I think no extra equipment will be necessary.
Let us know what happens.  We're all ears....well, eyes, anyway. ;)
I was considering a similar situation. However, I have Mac c2500 which has Home Theater Passthru and Marantz 7011 for HT. Hooking the sub up to both, and using the way most preamps treat passthru, you cannot have both amps ever driving the sub at the same time. In other words if the HT Marantz is on, pass thru on the Mac pre shuts off all but the Main, output 1 to monoblocks, for the fronts, and other amp outputs 2, such as to a sub, are disabled. Hence, the sub will be driven by HT if it is on, and if it is off, passthru is off and the 2 channel pre works like normal including the now the sub. The sub cannot be dual energized. I do not know what the Krell has as functions and connections, so none of this may apply to a possible solution for you.
Though I'm not going to be listening to both at the same time, it is possible that both might be powered on at the same time.  But for argument's sake, what might happen if accidentally signal were sent to the sub from both sources?
Mmm....mostly likely 'sum', and you'd get 'musical MixMaster'.  As long as it's not up to 10 on both or either....IMHO, I haven't tried such with mine.

I do listen to 'odd stuff', but I pass on the straight up involuntary or even intended.  Per the later, I'd opt for some sort of control if only for the amusement of it.  But 'delays' show up in even the most benign or unforeseen places, unexpected echos(os,os,os,os,s.s.s....)

Just go forth with a little trepidation and conservative levels, as see what the results are.  As long as the volume isn't maxed, should be kewl.  Worse is a visit by the feedback daemon and you jerk the plug ("Don't Do THAT!" *L*).

Standing by....;)