Dual SVS PB-1000 Pro versus Dual Rythmik LV12F- does Servo Technology Matter.

I have a 10 by 12 room. The room is a closed off bedroom and we plan to live in this house for 30 years or so until we can’t live independently. Equipment will be upgraded over time but we will be using the same room forever. Our AVR is a Denon 3700 and our main speakers are Monitor Audio Silver S6 with matching center. Surrounds are Primus P162. Our previous sub was a BIC V1220.

While the subs will almost certainly work hardest for home theater I do want something that also works well for serious music listening. I primarily listen to classic rock but some jazz and classical does get into my mix now and then.

I am still mostly sold on the SVS but I wonder if the servo technology of the Rythmik might give me somewhat better performance for music.

I realize that dual of either one of these will be a huge jump in performance for us but I am wondering the Rythmik might have advantages for music while still being great for HT.

Other people on other forums have also suggested Outlaw and the Hsu VTF-2 Mk5.

Any thoughts on this, please?


I run dual Rhythmik F12’s along with two Rel T7i’s with great success in my two channel rig. All integrate seamlessly with my KEF LS50 Metas. Takes a bit of time and patience to get them correct, but evens out any standing wave issues. I started with one Rhythmik and things just got smoother as I added! I have a small listening room with judicious treatment. I also have a separate theater set up in another room, so am not able to answer to that, but I can recommend Rhytmik for their speed and musicality and the Rels add a bit more punch!
Who's to say you can't have a serious system using an AVR? You most certainly can! The total harmonic distortion of SVS subs in every review I’ve come across at Audioholics is well within reason, provided they aren’t driven past their limits.

Your room is 10' x 12' and you will have placement issues for sure. I would lean towards the SVS SB (sealed box) type of sub, which one depends on your budget and space constraints. Whatever you do decide on though, seriously consider incorporating a Dspeaker 8033s into the mix. I had dual subs in my listening room (11x15x8) and it did wonders to control peak issues and made placement a snap.  I currently use a 8033c for my LR HT set up on a single SVS 12" cylinder sub with fantastic results.

Good luck and hope it all works out...
Can be bought here: https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/dspeaker scroll to bottom of page
Dspeaker site: http://www.dspeaker.com/en/products/anti-mode-8033.shtml