Dual source speaker switch

I am running a dedicated audio as well as a separate video system in my audio room. I would like to utilize one set of front speakers for both systems. I don't want to run the front preouts from my video to my audio because it is a hassle to adjust the volume on both systems. My question is, does anyone make a quality speaker switch with 5-way binding posts for switching the input source(speaker level). In other words, I am looking for a high-end dual source speaker switch. Any help would be appreciated. Sam
The easiest way to do this well, is to get a 2-channel preamp with Home Theater pass through. Many, if not most, of the preamps made in the last 5 yrs have this feature. It can be added to older preamps by qualified techs as well.

If a speaker selector is what you are looking for, I would suggest one of these. I use mine to switch between two sets of tower speakers in my family room. Works great.

It sounds to me that you are looking for an amplifier switcher, one that is used in audio stores to A-B amps and speakers. I have no experience with this product but it seems to do what you need.

If neither are what you are looking for, Macdadtexas' suggestion will definitely be another option.


Niles made/makes one. I think they even had an "auto" sensing one but I'm not positive.
Curious to see if a acceptable solution was found. The Niles DPS 1 is the right type of switch but without the 5 way binding posts. I am looking to use my biwired banana plug'd speaker cables- any other thoughts??