Dual Purpose Dac?

I’m looking to buy a new audio interface for my home studio and was thinking about the RME Babyface Pro.

Also, looking to get a budget conscious DAC for my Macbook Pro’s playback of music (iTunes, lossless files, etc) and have been looking at this one: 

USB 24/192 Asynchronous DAC - DAC•iTx | Peachtree Audio

My question: Can I save some money with a "Dual Purpose Dac" for both jobs - AI and Stereo Playback.

It should (preferably) have optical/coax/usb and line input/mic pre input capability as well as usb/line out (for active speaker outputs).

Current setup: Mac OS X Snow Leopard; Focal Alpha 50 monitors.

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome. 

Why don't you call Sweetwater and ask one of their Salespeople?  If this product won't do it they probably have another that does
I think Schiit has a model that does what you want.
Focusrite is what you want.
Which model?