I recently purchased two Hsu Research TN1220 HO subwoofers along with the outboard Hsu Research Model 500A, 500 watt subwoofer amplifier with electronic high and low pass x-overs.
The owners manual says that the amp is designed to run two TN122O's in parallel either from its two pairs of binding posts using two sets of speaker cables, one for each sub, or using a single run of speaker cables and then spliting it at the subwoofer location into two runs, one for each sub.
I have the two subs side by side in the back of the listening room.
I am currently using a single 32 foot run of Belden 10 gauge speaker cable going from the Hsu subwoofer amp to the subwoofer location.
At the subwoofer location, I have the single cable split into two 1 foot sections of the same Belden 10 gauge cable.
One section goes to one of the subs, and the other section goes to the other sub.
My question is this:
Do you think that buying another 32 foot run of the Belden 10 gauge speaker cable, and then wiring up the two TN1220 HO's seperately at the amp, would give me any worthwhile improvements over the way that I have it wired up now?
Would the extra expense of another seperate run of the speaker cable be justified in your honest opinion?
Thanks for your help and advice.

It won't make much difference based on the following issues. Excuse me if my statements are judgmental but I have to make them in order to give you reasons why it may not be worth it.

1. At least 1 sub if not both should be in the front of the room. (Bass is directional in spite of what some in our industry say.)

2. By your comment about the expense of 10g Beldon I have to assume you may not have good cables in the rest of your system because you either don't believe they make a difference except for gauge or you don't shop a good stereo store where they can loan you stuff or demonstrate differences,

3. It is 6 times harder to place 2 subs in a room correctly than for 1 sub and it is 16 times harder to do 3 therefore they are probably fighting each other. By buying an internet product I have to assume that no one came over to place them and calibrate them in your room.

With all that said you will notice more growl to the bass with separate runs of cable but only if your room is longer than 30 ft. (you have to have a 56 ft. long room to hear down to 20 Hz.)

The tone in my response to your question is due to frustration with companies that think they do customers a service by selling them stuff based on price instead of quality or true need. They may be able to sell stuff cheaper than if they had to sell through dealers but it doesn't matter if the performance is half of what it could be because they can't drive to your house and set the product up correctly.